En résumé

Network Security Application Developer since 2000.
Particularly interested in user interfaces and networked applications, their conception, and development.
Applies agile methodologies (XP, scrum) by incorporating an object-oriented analysis phase each iteration.

Mes compétences :


  • Qualys - Senior Software Engineer

    TALANT 2012 - maintenant
  • Webroot - Senior Software Engineer

    Волгоград 2011 - 2011 My contributions to Webroot was in their SaaS products.
    * Scan Ahead and Safe Search features that parses and secures search engine results on the fly.
    * Continuous integration tool used to test Webroot proxy's features. Client and Backends are simulated by the tool, HTTP and HTTPS supported.
  • Bee-Ware - Team Leader & Senior Software Engineer

    2008 - 2011 While I was working on a side project which was the future version of the GUI, including multi-appliance management, real-time monitoring, implemented in Java rather than PHP, I designed the architecture of this new version of the product, including a powerful apache module configurable by a graphic workflow editor.
    The workflow editor allows a user to draw an activity diagram telling how each requests should be processed by the module.
    I focused on the GUI implementation after having taught a small team how to extends the apache module.
  • Bee-Ware - Senior Software Engineer

    2004 - 2008 Axiliance S.A. was a company that specializes in Web Application security solutions, as well as proxies and reverse proxies. Axiliance has been acquired by Bee Ware ( www . bee-ware . net ) in September 2005.
    Apache module development in C/C++ for Web and SOA security in a reverse-proxy/proxy network architecture.
    * Realtime XML/SOAP messages validation with WSDL
    * Implementation of the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) to make the reverse proxy interact with third-party antivirus software
    * Parsing of the multipart/form-data to prevent document posted under this representation to contain any sensitive attack.
  • Bee-Ware - Co-Founder, Owner, Software Engineer

    2002 - 2004 During the process of finding investors, I designed and developed the java client UI of the Intelliwall product.
    * including a PDF report generation engine, with graphics and statistics
    * processing/displaying smoothly large amount of log lines producing pleasant user experience.
  • Qualys - Software Engineer

    TALANT 2000 - 2002 I worked on the main PHP/Oracle user interface of the QualysGuard product. Working with great experts I learned to write well tested, secure, scalable, and ergonomic web application. This is where I was introduced to eXtreme programming and MVC architecture. Some noticeable contribution to the UI was :
    * The implementation of the co-branding mechanism (PHP with a custom template system) that facilitated the partnership between Qualys and other companies.
    * The development of scheduling engine that allows user to plan scan at fixed dates and times.
    * Precise implementation of the visual expectation from the lead usability & user interface engineer.