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Hard working and result oriented, I am an extremely passionate about my work encompassing almost 15 years experience. I have worked with multiple reputed international organizations mainly in Algeria, France and Qatar such as: Architecture Studio, SCAU, ATSP, ADPI, BECHTEL and ASTAD Project Management.

I have been involved in diverse building types such as Offices, Faculties, Airport, Residential & Housings and Sports facilities and in different fields: Competitions, Concepts, Design development, Site supervision, Engineering management and Construction management.

Currently, I am working for ASTAD (QP/QF JV) a company which provides superior project management services for different clients as S. Architect for the ambitious projects such as Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies and Qatar Foundation Headquarters at Education City. My duties are as follow: Construction management for all Architectural, Finishes & Envelope activities and the link between the Contractors, Designers and the Client

Technical skills

 Ability to co-ordinate with a team of diverse engineering professionals and function effectively at senior level
 Ability to identify problems, to provide on-site technical assistance and efficiently solve technical issues

 Codes interpretation and optimization
 Engaging in the development of procedures related to practices
 Familiar with International Building codes, standards, regulations and practices

Mes compétences :
Site supervision
Design development
develop the design
Tender documents
Site Development
Receiving training
Quality Control
Preparation of tender documents
Preliminary design
Fit out
Design and Build
Construction Management


  • ASTAD Project Management - Senior Architect

    2011 - maintenant ASTAD Project Management, Doha, State of Qatar
    Supervision Engineer (Architect) Roles and responsibilities of the position includes following:
    * Responsible for the architectural & technical activities as part of the PM/CM team
    * Reviewing and approving the documents prepared by the contractors (Shop drawings, Material & Samples, Mock-ups, Prequalifications, Method Statements, ITP,...etc)
    * Coordinating the multidisciplinary construction activities and the project progress with the client and the contractor; supporting the PM/RE in achieving the overall project goal
    * Assessment of Technical Variations ;
    * Validation of RFIs responses from the consultants ;
    * Performing quality control of the works, inspections and compliance checks ;
  • Aeroport De Paris Ingenierie - Senior Architect

    2008 - 2011 Roles and responsibilities included following:
    * Review and approval of documents Preparationd by the contractor in various phases (design drawings, Shop drawings, Material & Sample submittals)
    * Evaluation of Contractor's proposals on design or construction related issues
    * Perform Quality control of the works, inspections and compliance checks
    * Managing technical and coordination meetings with Engineers, and ADPi's Experts and sub-consultants
    * Answer to RFIs raised by contractor ;
    * Preparation Monthly progress reports to the Project Manager with respect to the Architectural activities.
    * Participate in ADPI Quality Action Group of Document control, protocol of submission and network organization.
  • Aeroport De Paris Ingenierie - Project Architect

    2007 - 2008 Roles and responsibilities included following:
    * In charge of the design & build projects, preparing the projects concept and design development (until Preliminary design)
    * Managing technical meetings with Engineers and implementing their requirements in the design.
    * Coordinating with the specification writer regarding the updates of the specifications.
    * Preparation of the contract documents (drawings, details, and bill of quantities)
  • Oger International - Project Architect

    Saint Ouen 2007 - 2007 Project Architect Roles and responsibilities included following:
    * Preparation of the construction drawings (plans, enlarged plans & details)
    * Managing technical co-ordination meetings, and ensure that all discrepancies are resolved and implementing their requirements on documents.
  • Tom Sheehan & Partners Architects - Junior Architect

    2005 - 2007 Tom Sheehan & Partners Architects Practice, Roles and responsibilities included following:
    * Reading the conditions of contract, assisting the chief architect and developing the concepts.
    * Preparing the drawings (concepts, plans, sections, elevations and presentations), for competition documents and all related paper works.
    * Preparing and developing the drawings for official submissions in various phases (from concept thru tender documents).
    * Manage technical meetings and coordinating with Engineers & specialists.
    * Coordinate and provide technical information to the specification writer.
    * Participate to the international competition of architecture.
  • Marina & Phillipick Associates Architects - Junior Architect

    2004 - 2005 Marina & Phillipick Associates Architects Practice,
    Roles and responsibilities included following:

    * Preparation and develop the design from the concept thru the Tender documents for official submissions.
    * Manage the technical meetings and coordinating with Engineers & specialists.
    * Preparation the snagging list and checking all the snags are released
  • SFICA - Site Architect

    Kuala Lumpur 2003 - 2004 Roles and responsibilities included following:

    * Conducting Site works. ;
    * Assist to Interface & finishing meeting and Preparation the snags list.
    * Carrying out a full inspection of the works at Practical Completion, Preparation a list of defects and manage the rectification of those defects in order too hand over released unit to furniture's contractor.
    * Monitoring the outstanding snags, prioritizing the rectification, and releasing of snags that compromise the occupation of the rooms and take action to deal with them expeditiously.
  • Architecture Studio - Architect

    Orsay 2001 - 2002 Roles and responsibilities included following:

    * Site Supervision and Establishing Snag List. ;
    * Preparation of tender documents (plans, section, elevations and details). ;
    * Coordination with engineers.
    * Assisting the Area Lead Site Architect. ;
  • Archi-Koliai - Architect

    1998 - 2000 Roles and responsibilities included following:

    * Preparation survey and site supervision. ;
    * Preparation of the documents thru the concept to the Tender. ;
    * The client relationship. ;
  • Mamache-Bouhelassa Architectes - Trainee Architect

    1995 - 1997 * Receiving training in various field of the architecture: survey, preparation of the programs, sketches, design, participation in the competitions, and preparation of the drawings in various phases. ;


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure D'Architecture De Paris (Paris)

    Paris 2000 - 2007 Master in Architect

    Architecte - DPLG
  • Ecole Polytechnique D'Architecture Et D'Urbanisme E.P.A.U. (Alger)

    Alger 1993 - 1999 Architecte


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