Youness Abderrahim BANI


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Génie civil
Dessin industriel ( CAO et DAO ).


  • Jacobs engineering SA - QA/QC Civil Quality

    2013 - maintenant Ensure correct understanding of instructions, documents, specifications and technical details corresponding to civil works;
     Surveillance and control of antacid and refractory works;
     Ensure the reporting of all the achieved activities to maintain traceability
     Study, analyze and define requirements for inspection field. Use and implement procedures and tests when required;
     Play part in updating and monitoring of the construction schedule (with the construction service);
     Review and comment the quality documents for civil contractors;
     Participate and attend the weekly and monthly meetings with all the companies operating;
     Follow and apply the instructions of inspections and tests plans for civil, antacid and refractory works. Verify that contractors / subcontractors are carrying out the inspections planned;
     Check companies technical requests and also safety work:
     Coordinate between different actors during the acceptance of intermediate and final work (Hand over);
     Supervise the work of contractors / subcontractors, in accordance with the inspection plan;
     Verify the application of instructions in order to improve safety of work;
     Order to stop work when a potential and dangerous risk is seen and react with the HSE team immediately;
    * Safefety training:

    * Working @ Height Working @ Height & Fall Protection - FBH ;
    * LSE - Setting People to Work Safely - Planning - SPA ;
    * Observations & Feedback SOR
    * Working @ Height
    * Site visit harness compliance ;
    * Influencing attitudes and behaviours
    * Effective Leadership & Communications
    * Trenching & Excavation Safety ;
    * Incident investigation & Accident causation ;
    * Confined Space Awareness
    * And others training...
  • Central Laboratory of Building and Public Work - Responsible of quality in civil engineering

    2010 - 2013 * Responsible of quality in civil engineering in highway project Berrechid-Beni Mellal
    stretch Kasbat Tadla-Beni Mellal made by the Chinese company COVEC
    Mai in activities and responsibilities
    * Ensure the management and supervision of work ;
    * Coordinate of activities related to work ;
    * Ensure compliance with project specifications, drawings, construction schedules,
    and quality requirements.
    * Prepare monthly reports of progress. ;
    * Coordination of interventions by various entities s, project management,
    laboratories, topography, offices, ...)
    * Checking and management of quality documents.
  • Society National of Highways of Morocco (Morocco) - Civil Supervisor

    2006 - 2010 * Monitoring and control of civil engineering works ;
    * Monitoring and control of remediation
    * Metres work done and hydraulic structures ;
    * Preparation of monthly statements and attachments ;
    * Coordination of interventions by various entities s, laboratories, quality,
    topography, offices, ...)
    * Checking and management of quality documents ;
    * Monitoring and control of the work of nailed walls and shotcrcrete


  • Educatel (Rouen)

    Rouen 2010 - 2015 Building Engineer
  • ISTP (Oujda)

    Oujda 2004 - 2006 Civil Engineering Technician (specialized)


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