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• Management and Development (sales, marketing and cross functional teams) • Sales Strategy and Performance Management • Product Launches and Market Access • Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence • Complex Project Management • Change Management

Mes compétences :
Commercialization Strategy
Go-to-Market Strategy & Launch
Cross-Functional Team Building & Leadership
Strategic Brand Planning & Execution
Marketing & Promotion
Sales management


  • Pfizer - Sales Manager, Anti-Infectives

    Paris 2015 - maintenant Main missions:
    Management of 10 hospital reps. Leadership Management. 1st region in sales (€36M in 2016).

    Key achievements:
    - Loss of Exclusivity management for 2 products: alternative communications development; work on products positioning in hospitals therapeutic strategies
    - Responsible for coordinating the integration of AstraZeneca's anti-infective portfolio
    - Launch of a new product: Market definition; coordination of targeting update for the entire AI network; development of a patient flow model, work on product referencing
  • Pfizer - Director of Business Operations & Chief of staff (BU Global Innovative Pharma)

    Paris 2015 - 2015 8 months secondment (maternity leave replacement).
    Main missions:
    -Lead of Operational Effectiveness Department (20 positions) comprising Digital, Events and Meetings, Compliance, Customers Planning and Commercial Development
    - Member and Chief of Staff B.U. Leadership Team (LT; Executive Committee): Organization, animation, coordination and follow-up of BU LT decisions
    - Transversal projects lead, especially at European level

    Key Achievements:
    - Coordination of European Business Review and Operating Plan 2016
    - Coordination of aTasking work and B.U. restructuring, with HR and Finance
    - Review and validation of the BU Digital Plan
  • Pfizer - Sales Manager, Established Products Portfolio

    Paris 2014 - 2015 Main missions:
    Management of a "geolocalized" structure of 12 reps / 3 fields networks (2 hospital reps, 7 Retail and Pharmacy reps and 3 Pharmacy reps): Definition and implementation of operational strategies for the Established Products portfolio in my area. 2014 sales = € 12.9M.

    Key Achievements:
    - Definition of area-specific incentive protocol relevant with the area strategy
    - Mentoring of 2 junior sales managers
    - "Dare To Try Superchampion": definition and implementation for France of a global enterprise project promoting innovation. Training and animation of a 30 champions community
  • Pfizer - Sales Manager, Pharmacy

    Paris 2013 - 2014 Main missions:
    - Management of 9 Pharmacy reps. 1st region in France (€9.5M in 2013).
    - Implementation of Pfizer Generics and princeps Direct Sales strategy

    Key Achievements:
    - Coaching on self-confidence and valorization of business attempts: 3 reps in Top 10 at the beginning of 2013; 5 at mid-2014
    - Development of my team and of their employability: 4 commercial reps have passed a diploma validating their know-how and their experience, then 2 could become medical reps in 2015
  • Pfizer - Country Brand Lead, Anti-Infectives France

    Paris 2012 - 2013 Main missions:
    - Within the European team, responsible for all antifungal marketing activities in France
    - Development and coordination of brand plans and media plans
    - Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence. Monitoring of the PnL and budget

    Key Achievements:
    - Full revision of the Qualification / Segmentation / Targeting, including a KOL mapping
    - Definition and coordination of a product shortage management
  • Pfizer - Overseas Sales Coordinator, Specialty Care B.U.

    Paris 2012 - 2013 Main missions:
    - Coordination and animation of the 6 overseas reps for the Specialty Care B.U. products
    - Definition of workplans and training plans.
    - Review of reps action plans.

    Key Achievements:
    - Reps meetings organization
    - Definition of sales objectives and incentive protocols
    - Assessment of reps performance
  • Pfizer - Country Brand Lead Xiapex (product launch)

    Paris 2010 - 2012 Main missions:
    - Within the European team, responsible for all marketing activities in France regarding Xiapex launch in the Dupuytren Disease. Team leader of the France project team (12 people).
    - Conception of strategic and tactical plans.

    Key Achievements:
    - Work on market access. Preparation of the Risk Management Plan
    - Identification of KOLs, organization and animation of 2 advisory boards (rheumatology and surgery)
    - Segmentation, targeting and positioning. Definition of PnL. Definition of the Sales Force
    - Award Top Performer 2010
  • Wyeth - Rheumatology Marketing Team Manager

    2007 - 2010 Enbrel (etanercept), € 237M in 2010.
    Main missions:
    - Responsible for the "Rheumatoid Arthritis" marketing team (60% of total sales). Management of 2 product managers
    - France Lead on the European team
    - Responsible for Brand plans in Rheumatology

    Key Achievements:
    - Optimization of differentiating communication and publication plans in France
    - Reorganization of the Rheumatology Medical Education events (Quanti and Quali): in 2007, 70/100 attendees; In 2010, 332/300 (with only 2% no-show and verified target values)
    - Implementation of a KOL mapping; advisory boards animation
  • Wyeth - Marketing Manager, GPs ans Patients Associations Groups

    2007 - 2007 Main missions:
    - Definition and implementation of the GPs communication strategy
    - Animation of relationship with patients associations groups

    Key achievements:
    - Implementation of an online training program for GPs in rheumatology
    - Market extension: + 15% of patients sent to rheumatologists by GPs (March to Oct)
    - Implementation of 14 information meetings for Patients, in coordination with AFP and ANDAR associations
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb - Antihypertensive Products Manager

    Rueil-Malmaison cedex 2003 - 2007 Aprovel and CoAprovel: Leader of antihypertensive drugs in France; € 206M in 2006. BMS and Sanofi co-promotion.
    Main missions:
    - Marketing Manager for Retail Operations / General Practitioners
    - Animation of relationship with sales reps (4 internal networks + 2 external networks)

    Key Achievements:
    - Organization of innovative training meetings in France and Europe: + 25% attendance in 2005. 3 meetings of 200 GPs each in 2006
    - Development and launch of a public health program for patients (press, radio, posters, leaflets): "Action on my Tension"
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb - Pain Products Manager

    Rueil-Malmaison cedex 2002 - 2003 Opioids portfolio (€ 24M) then Perfalgan (€ 38M)
    Main missions:
    - Launch of Perfalgan, 1st injectable acetaminophen
    - Development of brand campaigns and coordination of sales reps relationships

    Key Achievements:
    - Conducting surveys for hospital prescribers and pharmacists
    - Development of a national protocolization program with a advisory board



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