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When founding Ellimac Mills after 12 years in Recruitment / Head Hunting, I had a clear vision of what my own structure should be and bring on the market.

Considering a diverse and aggressive competition, there is only one road to success : Quality, Innovation & Persistance.

Experience the Ellimac Mills way of recruiting whether you are a Company or a Talent. Because at the end, we consider the both of you as a Client. ⭐⭐⭐

Mes compétences :
Account management
Business Development
Ressources humaines
Oil&Gas Recruitment
Technical Recruitment
Dev web Recruitment
Php Recruitment
Front-End devt Recruitment
Back-end devt Recruitment
Cabinet de Recrutement



    2018 - maintenant Talent Acquisition partner considering both Companies and Talents as Clients.

    Ellimac Mills is the combination of Passion & Creativity (Ellimac) with Change, Persistance & Success at the end (Mills).
    We currently offer two sets of services on the market :

    The Talent Pool : proactive approach on leading edge technologies building pool of talents rather than being Job centric
    The Hunt Club : wherever the manager and directors are, we will do our best to find, attract and offer their next challenge

    ☝️ We only work with attractive companies, based in France (Paris, Bordeaux, French Riviera & Monaco, and more to come)

    2018 - 2018 MadsenScripps are a leading retained executive search firm dedicated to the digital economy with a proven long track record of success. Highly efficient processes are the key element of this success.

    Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis 2011 - 2017 My aim is to strengthen our presence within IT and Engineering sectors in France. Adopting a consultative approach with both clients and candidates, I deliver the right CV for the right position making sure our clients only receive suitable profiles.
    Based on my previous background, personal interest and industry trends, I support clients in the following areas: E-commerce, SW editors / Oil&Gas, Aerospace.

    I mainly recruit in IT (Java/J2ee - .Net - C++ - Php - Javascript) and Engineering (Piping, Structures, Planning, Contracts, Estimators, Buyers, Cost Control...).

    Not only we try to attract but also keep the selected consultants onboard. In the world of staffing companies, this strategic approach is not recognized. Indeed this is seen as a cost as opposed to long-term benefits generated by this practice.

    My responsibilities cover:
    -Business development within IT / Engineering
    -Management of my IT & Engineering accounts
    -Management of the whole recruitment process including : create job postings, select sourcing/headhunt tools, lead interviews, negotiate salaries, initiate contracts and work permits
    -Assistance to relocation including short & long-term housing, banking, travel, internet connection, etc…
    -Contractors follow-up : bi-monthly individual meetings with contractors and bi-annually with managers
    -Some figures: since 2006: more than 40% of candidates under interview - more than 1/3 of job filled considering a very challenging market (lack of resources and strong competition)

    Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis 2006 - 2011 I use several technics in order to find the appropriate candidate for the right company. Industries targeted:
    -Engineering (Oil&Gas - Aerospace)

    Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis 2005 - 2006 Dedicated to Mechanical Engineering for the Indianapolis office. This included 95% of my time supporting Rolls-Royce HQ in Indy including Design, Stress, Quality, Performance, Manufacturing, ... profiles.


  • CELSA - Paris IV Sorbonne

    Neuilly Sur Seine 2001 - 2004 Master 2

    Formation visant à former les futurs cadres de la fonction RH qu'il s'agisse d'experts ou de managers. Vision opérationnelle et stratégique des RH avec une orientation fondamentale vers la Communication. J'en ai retiré énormément et continue à indirectement comprendre les enjeux humains au sein des organisations au travers de cette formation marquante.
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