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En résumé

Anne Guénand is a lecturer-researcher and design consultant at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne in France. Member of the program committee of the Master Innovation-Knowledge-Interaction, she is in charge of the program of Interaction Design, and the courses of Prospective Design and Consumer Goods Design.

After three years spent in Japan, Institute of Art and Design - Tsukuba, she has been in charge of the Master Program of Industrial Design at the UTC, she developed projects of prospective design with a large number of French companies, mainly in the automotive and electronic and consumer goods fields.

Her current researches concern the advanced design in social innovation and the integration of the subjective factors connected to the final user from the early stage of design process.

She has been involved as jury member in International Design Competitions such Marksman Design Award and Braun Price. Since 2005, Anne participates in the organization of the international conferences DPPI (Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces) and is member of the program committee of the international conference Desform (Design and Semantics of Form and Movement).

Interaction design, User eXperience Design, Social Innovation, Product Design.
Design projects that are focused on an experiential approach to human-product interaction, moving from a purely functional approach to a more sensible and explorative approach of innovation processes. An approach inspired and ignited by the challenges of human comprehension.

Mes compétences :
Design de produits
Innovation sociale
Microsoft Technologies
réseaux sociaux
Technologies numériques


  • UTC - ECC

    1998 - maintenant


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