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  • Deloitte - Consultant

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  • SOGETI groupe CAP GEMINI - Project manager - Statistical projects

    Issy-les-Moulineaux 2008 - maintenant Short term expert (Ankara - TR): strenthening the statistical capacity of MoNE (Ministry of National Educaton)
    Eurostat Contract, Project Manager:
    Education Statistics – Classification and quality reporting
    UOE data collection, EU guidelines for estimations
    Indicators and report for the Bologna Process Follow up group
    Analysis of surveys from an education perspective
    Publication on youth in Europe.
    - Analysis of the European Union’s call for tenders
    - Draft of the technical proposals for the European call for tenders

    Publications on behalf of Eurostat:
    Youth in Europe, Eurostat, 2010 (
    The Bologna process in Higher education in Europe – Key indicators on the social dimension and mobility”, Eurostat – Eurostudent joint publication, 2009. (

    Publication on behalf of EURYDICE:
    (Available at co-author:
    “Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe, 2008”: chapter on participation
    “Levels of autonomy and responsibilities of teachers in Europe: comparative study”, 2008.
    “Key data on higher education 2007”: chapters or sections on Investment, Support for parents, International mobility of students.
    “Key data on education in Europe 2005”, all chapters including Eurostat indicators and draft of the executive summary of the publication
    “Demographic trends” in “Integrating immigrant children into schools in Europe”, EURYDICE survey, 2004.


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