En résumé

Titulaire d’un doctorat en ergonomie. Après avoir enseigné à l’université Paris 8 , il a été consultant en ergonomie et facteur humain, puis ingénieur d’affaire pour une société de conseil en ingénierie. Il rejoint SECAFI en 2017 en qualité de consultant en ergonomie.

Mes compétences :
Industrial Safety
Poste de Travail
Safety Culture
Human Factor
• Conduite de projet
Diagnostic ergonomique
Conduite de projet
Analyse de situations de travail


  • Secafi - Ergonome Consultant

    Paris 2017 - maintenant Société de conseil aux instances représentatives du personnel
  • Elitys Consulting - Ingénieur d'affaires

    2016 - 2017
  • Bertin Technologie - Ergonome consultant

    2014 - 2016 Mission d'assistance technique pour EDF
    Équipe FH du projet EPR Hincley Point C.
    Rédaction du programme de travail d'intégration du facteur humain dans la conception des IHM et du Control Commande de la central nucléaire dernière génération EPR.
  • Université Paris 8 - ATER

    2014 - 2014
  • Université de Bretagne Sud - Doctorant en ergonomie

    2010 - 2013
  • Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) - Ergonomist, FH&O specialist

    2009 - 2010 Internship for my second master degree at CNAM.
    Study having for goal to establish the validity of the work simulation in virtual reality. Comparing advantages and limits of work simulations on various supports: Immersive virtual reality, Mannequin in CAD environment, real model or prototyping. The possibility of training of future operators in virtual environment will be also studied.
  • Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) - Ergonomist in trainning

    2009 - 2009 This intervention was the internship for my professional ergonomics master degree in Bordeaux.
    This intervention having led (in particular thank to work simulations on voluminal models) to the emission of ergonomic requirement and recommendation for the design of an measurement of constant physique equipment which will work in a radiotoxic environment, in an apparatus of experimentation of the Atomic Energy Commissionership : the Megajoule Laser.
  • Technotôle - Ergonomist in trainning

    2008 - 2008 My internship of my first master degree year proceeded from March till June 2008 in a iron industry in Pompey (54 france). This study related to the workshop steel of the company, the operators being mainly welders. They complained about muscular and articular pains, as well as general muscular tiredness. It was proposed to the company to provide soms mechanical handling help for the workers, and modifications relating to the work stations and the organization of the workshop
  • CAT de ludres - Ergonomist in trainning

    2007 - 2008 Study of a “skin-pack” conditioning chain occupied by mentally handicapped person workers in a help center by work in Ludres (54 france). The operators as their supervisors complained about musculosquelettic pains of the upper limbs, we proposed modifications of the chain in order to reduce the muscular requests.
  • Bénévolat et Engagement assossiatif - Voluntary

    2004 - 2014 - Voluntary in the Nancéenne antenna of Handicap International from 2004 untill 2008.
    - Voluntary in a scubadiving club which receive diseable and able scubadivers since September 2008 untill now, i'm teaching scubadiving since September 2009.
    - Voluntary in association named "the sleepers", an antenna of the VMEH, I'm visiting children in hospital since February 2009.
  • Travail Saisonnier - Otehr

    2001 - 2008 - Drums teacher during the 2007-2008 school year.
    - Trainee teacher of Physical education and Sporting, Class of 3rd, college Frederique Chopin in Nancy (54), 2006-2007.
    - Dancer and drummer in a contemporary dance spectacle : "Défence d'entrer" with the Amnésia company from September 30th till October 23rd, 2006 in Nancy (54).
    - Temporary unskilled worker for public roadwork and construction, approximately 250 hours between 2004 and 2008.
    - Supports school in mathematics (pupil in 4th and 3rd) 2003-2005.
    - Director of several little camps of outdoor center in July 2004 and 2005.
    - Driver at the Jeanne of arc hospital in Toul, during the month of August 2004.
    - Councellor in outdoor center be 2003
    - Councellor Assistance, be 2001 and 2002
    - Occasional Baby-sitting.