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  • Graphic & UI Designer


En résumé

Design, development, management and organization, that is my definition of IT.
By nature, I have perseverance, and I'm rigorous, enthusiastic, never fully satisfied, and always listening. I began web development at 12, which is now my preferred field.
I am currently a French CS Engineer. I'm trained to develop innovative websites in modern languages. I train myself with a lot of online trainings, because Front-End technologies change every day.
Passionate about IT, but also aeronautics and music creation, I am interested in innovation in multiple fields, which permits me to learn new things about them!


  • Independent - Graphic & UI Designer

    Communication | Remote 2019 - 2019 Designed a simple color scheme
    Proposed a dozen of logos
    Created numerous variants of the chosen logo (monochromatic, bi-tone)
    Built several website prototypes, including proposed functionalities
    Written English & French Data Privacy
  • Independent - Web Developer

    Informatique | Remote 2019 - maintenant Branding & Identity Guide
    Front-End Architecture
    Implemented Back-End features with Firebase
    Secured user's data with Firebase Rules
    Written specifications
    Bought and configured domain name, deployed to Firebase Hosting
    Developed Real-Time, Right Management, Role-based, Settings functionalities
  • Sogelink - UI Designer & R&D Full-Stack Web Developer

    Informatique | Lyon (69000) 2018 - 2019 Designed, Developed and integrated new components
    Created new API endpoints and develop related views
    Created new UI fashionable and usable components meeting with the design team
    Constructed a UX-first strategy for complex forms
    Designed new business monochrome and bi-tone icons
    Optimized 3D scatter plots filter and transformation algorithms
    Used the GeoServer API to update PCRS and Geometry Layers in real-time
    Developed POCs related to 2D and 3D files (CAO, 3D Scatter plots, GeoJSON...) visualization in web browsers
    Trained new colleagues to the tech environment, Git and Angular technologies
  • Maincare Solutions - Web Developer & UI Designer

    Informatique | Lyon (69000) 2017 - 2018 Designed and Developed new functionalities
    Participated in specifications meetings
    Debated about form UX design
  • VDS Consulting - Web Developer, UI Designer & Branding

    Informatique | Brussels 2017 - 2017 Written Specifications
    Designed layouts and views
    Created Brands and Icons as well as Color Schemes
    Developed solutions in speed development with appropriate technologies
    Develop & Put online an e-commerce complete solution with 10,000+ products and online checkout
    Developed independent & automatic Resume creation module, calling official European Commission APIs and generating on-the-fly PDFs
    Written reports for web-marketing and design problematics
    Created dynamic PDF forms that interact with multiple APIs
  • Iunex Group - Web & Chrome Extension Developer

    Informatique | Lyon (69000) 2016 - 2017 Designed and conceived an easily-maintanaible and evolutive architecture including a high-volume web-service with OAuth authentications
    Developed content and background scripts
    Created new graphic charts
    Designed comprehensive forms
    Developed an optimized on-the-fly URL Scanning algorithm based on Regexp and Synchronisation
    Created an algorithm that suggest offers depending on the commented ones
  • Brayton Global - Lead Web Developer

    Informatique | Brussels 2015 - 2016 Conceived and developed a complex architecture
    Implemented Front-End parts of the applications following mockups and solving complex ergonomic problems
    Created elegant designs and easily-maintainable code
    Participated in weekly meetings with the Product Owner and organized daily tasks of the team
  • CityZenDesk - Mobile App Tester

    Informatique | Lyon (69000) 2015 - 2015 Followed test plans
    Produced test reports
    Raised problematics around offline and responsive design
  • CNH Industrial - Software Developer

    Informatique | Bourbon-Lancy (71140) 2014 - 2014 Trained myself on technologies used at this plant
    Analysed problems with the old application
    Took into account new standards, partially from the direction
    Developed a high-availability application with centralized database and automatic synchronisation for offline usage
    Asked operators about their needs, and find new functionalities for an easier utilization
    Developed specific views for maintenance and team managers
    Created an algorithm to check serial numbers for error-less entries
    Created SAP files and fetched APIs for new references
  • Archives Départementales de l'Ain - Lead Web Developer

    Informatique | Bourg-en-Bresse (01000) 2013 - 2014 Created a Graphic Chart and a logo
    Developed an optimized map module
    Organized teamwork and communication with the client
    Transformed data for iso database


  • Google (via Google Developers)

    Remote 2019 - 2020 Mobile Web Specialist
    A high-end Front-End web certification, on Performance, Accessibility, advanced Responsiveness and Progressive Web Apps.
  • Harvard University (via edX)

    Remote 2017 - 2020 CS For Web Programing
    A complete 6-month technical program on complex algorithms and advanced functionalities for Website Development
  • Polytech Lyon

    Lyon (69000) 2014 - 2017 CS Engineer - Master's Degree
    A French CS Engineer degree which brings all involved tech skills.
  • IUT Informatique

    Bourg-en-Bresse (01000) 2012 - 2014 CS Analyst & Developer
    A 2-year University CS degree on complex algorithms and software and web development.