En résumé

J’aimerais vous raconter l’histoire de Mitch. Beaucoup de gens ont leur version de cette histoire; et c’est peut-être votre cas. La mienne me semble avoir du sens ici.

En revanche, je me rends compte après l’avoir posée sur papier qu’elle est un peu longue à dérouler. Trop longue pour ce petit espace que Viadeo a la gentillesse de me prêter, en tout cas.

J’ai conscience que vous avez peu de temps [ou peut-être une 3G qui déraille], mais cette fois-ci j’ai décidé d’oublier les règles et de m’écouter un peu. J’ai donc ouvert un wordpress, somme toute très simple, mais qui a le mérite d’être suffisamment flexible pour accueillir mon pitch.

Je lui ai même donné un nom. Sans grande surprise, il s’appelle Mitch.
Vous le trouverez ici >

Sinon, bonjour quand même ! Et merci de vous être arrêté[e] chez moi.

Si la perspective de partager nos points de vue et sources respectifs [ou simplement de discuter un peu] devait vous tenter, je suis 100% preneur. Le café est pour moi.

See you.

Mes compétences :
Community management
Education & Training
Social Media Strategy
Consulting Services
Project Management
Digital strategy
Customer Relationship Management


  • Agence Engage - Digital Strategist

    2012 - maintenant Engage is a digital marketing agency that helps brands build relationships.
    It’s also the thorniest challenge I’ve taken up as yet.

    The 10-year old company was in restructuring mode when I joined the team. Starting with an e-CRM background and a solid e-mail marketing solution, the idea was to evolve toward a true relationship-building model. Something more comprehensive and human. In this context, the obvious first step was to focus deeply on our Marketing strategy [positioning, solution features, internal processes…].

    In a nutshell: If we love the web as a connection tool, we’re equally interested in the drastic changes it brings in terms of business philosophy. Meaning we’re on a mission to help our clients evolve. Also, our choice to see the Customer Journey as an unbreakable whole usually pushes our collaboration with brands beyond the scope of Communication. The whole point is to become an extension of the business and its various departments. I’m convinced we work best that way.

    At the end of the day, I’d say we’re here to meet business objectives without ever losing sight of our Social approach. It’s a tough nut to crack, and we keep learning as we go. Who doesn’t? What I do know for sure though, is this: if our model can help brands with short-term goals, its true potential clearly lies in long-term strategies.

    Well, I think that’s it.

    As to my missions:
    - Pitches
    - Digital strategy
    - Social media programs
    - Loyalty programs
    - Evolution of business culture & structure
    - Training programs
  • Noyz Isobar - Social Media Strategist

    2010 - 2012 My very first job! This time has meant a lot to me, professionally and emotionally. I started out at Noyz, the social media unit, as both a Community Manager and a Social Media Strategist. Btw, I’ve learned to consider this phase a rare boon [why do we always separate thought from action, after all?]. A little less than a year later, though, I decided to fully dedicate myself to the strategic part. My focus finally evolved from social media to the broader digital landscape, as I spent my last six months in the strategic planning department of Isobar.

    Guess it’s worth noting that I also spent a lot of my Isobar time writing. For two years, I was in charge of a strategic & competitive analysis report for SFR. Mashable France also gave me the occasional opportunity to share thoughts in their columns. Which I’m still very proud of, to be honest :)

    My missions:
    - Pitches
    - Social media program building
    - Consulting
    - Community Management & PR
    - Brand health monitoring
    - Analytics & reporting
    - Research reports
    - And of course, a lot of reading
  • ISOBAR - Assistant Account Manager

    COURBEVOIE 2009 - 2010 I was just out of school and fascinated by all things digital; hence this first experience [and last internship] in a web agency. The end goal was to get an overview of the various areas of expertise, and how they could work together. As a bonus, I had the opportunity to earn my stripes working for major brands like Credit Agricole, Pernod Ricard, BPI, …

    My missions:
    - Project management & team coordination
    - Tactical recommendations
    - Analytics & reporting
  • IBM - Marketing & Projet Management Consultant

    Bois-Colombes 2008 - 2009 That one was part of my Master’s degree in digital marketing & project management. The whole point was to form a consulting team to lead the organization and promotion of one of IBM’s sustainable initiatives: a happening by the name of Art Protect 2009. It taught me a lot in terms of technique, method and collaborative dynamics.

    My missions:
    - Project management in a team of five
    - Online presence management and promotion
    - In charge of Marketing, Communication and Risk management
  • Naïve - Music Publishing Assistant

    2007 - 2008 A logical next step in my music business journey. If I had to describe this placement year in three words, Creativity, Thoroughness and Autonomy would be the clear winners. For the first time I had my own objectives, my own deadlines and my own responsibilities. Awesome [and yes, a little scary at first]. I was a different person when I got back to school.

    My missions:
    - Movie soundtrack marketing: in charge of the whole thing, from Product to Promotion
    - Music supervision: promoting songs from the catalog for use in movie sequences and TV ads
  • Northern Music Co. - Digital Marketing & Music Management Assistant

    2007 - 2007 NMC is a music management company based in Bradford, UK. I spent a little over six months there, by way of an introduction to the music business dynamics. On top of that, it was a lot of fun and a great way to perfect my English. One thing I didn’t know was that this “digital marketing internship” would end up revealing my very first experience as a Community Manager.

    My missions:
    - Management of the artists’ online presence and promotional activities
    - “Street Team” project: recruitment, training and relationship-building


  • Skema Business School (Fusion Entre Ceram Et Esc Lillle) WMPM (Sophia Antipolis)

    Sophia Antipolis 2005 - 2009 President of the Arts Association
  • Lycée Notre Dame De Sion

    Marseille 2003 - 2005 Science
  • Lycée Lacordaire

    Marseille 2000 - 2003 Science