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More than 27 years experience in various position in field of oil and gas: Process, pre-commissionning, commissioning and start up,permit work,maintenance and Construction, operating and treatment of hydrocarbons, water treatment, also familiar with HSE practices of major industrial plants.

Mes compétences :
Commissioning and start up
Oil & Gas
Gas Injection
Problem Management
Microsoft Office
Microsoft PowerPoint
Oil and gas traitment
Construction métallique
Optimisation des process


  • SPIE / JGC - Process commissioning and start up supervisor

    2013 - 2014 Position : Commissioning and start up supervisor
    Duration : June 2013 to february 2014 :
    Company : SPIE /JGC Gassi Touil Joint venture
    Location : Gassi Touil Algeria
    Project Sonatrach: gas treatment facilities “CPF”.

    Basic Function and Responsibilities :
    ● Planning and monitoring works ; hydrostatic test, leak test,HP Leak test
    drying,inerting,mechanical run, etc......
    ● Supervise and planning the tasks of subcontractors
    ● Identifying and resolving problems
    ● Starter units and adjustment of operating parameters
  • Saipem - Process commissioning and start up Superintendent ,

    Montigny-le-Bretonneux 2010 - 2010 Position : Commissioning and Start-up Superintendent
    Duration : March 2010 to October 2010:
    Company : Saipem
    Location : Hassi messaoud Algerie
    Projet Sonatrach: construction and start up 03 trains of stabilization of crude
    capacity 300,000 bls/d by train.

    ● Coordinating and supervising all site construction activities
    ● Managing all field personnel allocated to the project
    ● Coordinating work permit
    ● Ensuring adherence to the Project Schedule
    ● Identifying and resolving problems where appropriate
    ● Maintaining a safe operating site and identifying risks and rectifying
    issues immediately
    ● Overseeing the delivery of all required project materials, equipment and plant
    ● Ensuring that the project has the right people and skills to meet work load and
    they carry out their respective duties correctly
    ● Liaising closely with the Commissioning Manager and advising of any
    changes to planned work Schedule
    ● Schedules and attends every test (blowing, leak, hydrostatic ...)
    ● Starter units and adjustment of operating parameters.
  • SONATRACH /DIRECTION TECHNIQUE - Maintenance & Construction Manager

    1998 - 2008 . Position: Maintenance & Construction Manager in the north industrial plant
    Duration : march 2001 to june 2008
    Company : Sonatrach
    Location : Hassi messaoud Algerie

    ● Leader of overhauls of oil and gas units in the North industrial plant.
    ● Surveys, optimisation and realisation of process modifications required by
    the exploitation, safety, environment , production and engineering structures.
    ● work permit coordinating
    ● Elaboration of work procedures (oil and gas): modification, reparation,
    total ,partial or changing equipments.
    ● Planning and follow up of petroleum and gas works and hydrostatic
    test, leak test, etc......
    ● Management of calls for tenders dealing with the works for oil and gas,
    elaboration of contracts and conditions of contracts.
    ● Secretary of the opening commissions for technical and commercial bids.
    ● Supervise and planning the tasks of subcontractors.
  • Sonatrach - Maintenance & Construction Engineer

    1998 - 2001 Position : Maintenance & Construction Engineer in the south industrial
    plant “CIS”.
    Duration : may 1998 to march 2001
    Company : Sonatrach
    Location : Hassi messaoud Algerie

    Responsibilities :
    ● Supervision of the overhauls of oil and gas units in the south satellites
    ● Supervision and intervention on all industrial equipment (heaters,
    columns,desalters, separators , exchangers …..).
    ● Studies, optimisation and realisation of modifications of required
    process by the exploitation ,safety ,environment ,production and
    ● Plan the tasks of subcontractors according to set planning.

    1993 - 1998 Position : Process engineer and acting chief of service in the satellites
    service “Exploitation Direction/SONATRACH”
    Duration : march1993 to may1998
    Company : Sonatrach
    Location : Hassi messaoud Algerie

    ● In charge of the good running of seven hydrocarbons treatment units,
    sets the parameters ( pressure, temperature, flow etc..) and intervenes
    whenever there are disturbances or shutdowns.
    ● Coordinates the different works between the different services of the
    maintenance, production, engineering and safety.
    ● Analysis , diagnosis and initialisation of appropriate solutions for the
    optimisation of units.
    ● Follow up of the gas and crude oil production.
  • Sonatrach - Supervisor & foreman

    1979 - 1989 6 .Position : quarter supervisor, foreman, panel technician and polyvalent
    Operator in the south industrial plant
    Company : Sonatrach
    I worked in the operations department in the units:
    separation, electric desalting, storage, expedition pumping,
    stabilization, topping, gas compression and condensate recovery units,
    unit of fractionating of condensate, water treatment and gas injection in
    the deposit.



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