En résumé

Hard working, professional and ambitious, my past experiences helped me develop some important skills in the marketing, training and business areas. I am always looking forward to participating into new challenges which can grow my current knowledge.


  • Steelcase - Global Product Manager, Marketing

    Paris 2011 - maintenant - Localizing and developping the activity abroad (Saudi Arabia)

    - Marketing B to B

    - Product Life cycle (Forecasts, Market trands, Launch of new products and new finishes, sales analysis, price positionning)

    - Envisonning (Trend watching, Looking for new insights which would help us lead to a new product or new functionalities on the products)

    - Communication tools (Supervise the realization of the brochures, videos and other communication tools)

    - Build up the launch plan of new products (demo program, special discount on new products...)

    - Global awareness (Strong co-working with the US teams, be the priviledged interlocutor of all the European markets on any questions related to the products I manage: Spain, Germany, UK, Nordics, BENELUX and Rest of Europe)

    - Organize some conferences on the benefits of our products to the end users (Features of the products and their benefits to the user: ergonomic position and to the company: employees more productive and decrease in the absenteeism rates)

    - Build up a state of advencement of my global projects to inform the markets of the upcoming events (every 3months)
  • Managing - Head Hunter

    Strasbourg 2010 - 2010 - In charge of recruiting a Manager and Artistic director for the biggest Club of Strasbourg (The Cube)

    - Sell and make the client accept the mission I suggested

    - Build up the job description

    - Build up an action Plan

    - Start the hunt to find some matching profiles

    - Select the appropriate candidates and make the interviews

    - Offer and sell the chosen candidate
  • Bongrain - Product Manager

    VIROFLAY 2007 - 2007 - Marketing B to C

    - In charge of the communication tools (Recipe cards for the clients when buying the products at the store)

    - Interviews with the "Cuisiniers de l'Ain" club + Brainstorming with them

    - Build up loyalty programs

    - Regular tasting of the products to make sure they are meeting the espectations
  • Ecole de Ski Française - Ski Instructor

    2006 - 2009 - Ski instructor

    - Teach skiing and snowboarding to the clients

    - Accrediation of prior learning and medal delivery

    - Yearly Instructor competition to be able to have the forerunner status in the greatest competitions


  • University Of Technology, Sydney (Sydney)

    Sydney 2009 - 2010 License in Social and Economic Analysis

    Grade: Distinction
  • Ecole De Management De Strasbourg

    Strasbourg 2008 - 2011 Master en Marketing Management

    Mention: Bien

    Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Management
    Business Strategy
    New Business Development
    Business Relationship Management
    International Business Management
    Global Business Management
    Global Marketing
    Global Business Development
    International Sales
    Sales Management
  • Ecole Multilingue Ombrosa

    Caluire Et Cuire 1990 - 2006 Baccalauréat ES