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Some of you wondered why I changed my picture? Guess what.....
- Green is dedicated to Hope - and we do need Hope
- & moreover I am Schneider dress-coded ...... (it was during an event!)


mid-2015: From Global Solutions to Global Operations!

New stakes, new challenges, new targets! however luckily enough,
still Exec. Assistant to Anna Conan, Global End-User Sales Operations Officer

I occupied various positions of Exec. Assistants in different depts: Purchasing, R & D, Finance, etc... in Grenoble and Rueil

I joined Schneider Electric 33 years ago; i.e : a lot of amazing learning experiences,company culture, internal organization.
skills: translation, organization & communication


as well acting as a free-lance representative for a Moroccan company

feel free to contact me for any additional information
+33 (0) 6 99 22 92 01

Mes compétences :
Communication événementielle
Communication interne
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  • Schneider Electric - EXEC. ASSISTANT

    Rueil Malmaison 1982 - maintenant



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