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I grew up in an international environment, starting my study in an English language school, spent most of my holidays in work and study programs in Germany, England, and USA. Spending the most recent 10 years working with international construction companies in Southeast Asia and Saudi Arabia has made me understand this particular world and its people.

Experience of 10 years, working for international companies in Germany, Laos, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia.

Management skills: 8 years;

Public relations skills: Organizing incentives and international congress for foreign companies worldwide.

Human Resources: Centralizing and analyzing the needs of MO; Confirmation of hiring to the HRMD; Following up on the proper deployment of manpower and compliance with the time table.

Logistic: Coordinating the procurement and supply of temporary employee housing; scheduling for deliveries and following up on property inventory.

Problem solving: Providing help and support for the team members to fully satisfy their requirement as per rules, policies and cost constraints.

Remote site, camp management: Nam Theun 2 Hydro electric project $1.2 billion, Laos. Dung Quat Refinery project $2.5 billion, Vietnam.

Computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photo shop, Lotus, Internet, etc.

Language: native French; fluent English; fluent German; spoken Vietnamese

Mes compétences :
Oil and gaz


  • Technip - Consultant

    Paris 2013 - 2014
    Bankable feasibility study and Pre-Implementation phase of the Weda Bay Nickel Plant

    Manpower transportation and logistic to Weda Bay site study -Survey of the existing sea, land and air routes.
    Study of the required transportation (and accommodation) facilities.
    Detail the most appropriate transportation system for all project phases.
    Travel time and cost estimate.
  • SAUDI OGER (Construction Company) –Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. - Head of Administration (Operation Direction Board/Head Office)

    2009 - maintenant ● ADMINISTRATION

    -Ensure the proper welcome and company induction of newly mobilized employees.
    -Ensure constant communication with the HR administration and all other services providing logistical support for employees (Housing, Equipment, Community Services, Air Ticketing, and Visa sections).
    - Monitor and validate service requests, movement forms and mission orders coming from construction sites and HR services.
    - Maintain up to date vacation schedules and forecasts of employees.
    -Provide the forecasts of mobilization to the housing department and camp sites managers.
    -Maintain regular contacts with embassies, associations, and the head of security.
    -Organize the business travel of the employees related to the board of directors.
    -Establish a system for the proper diffusion of internal information.
    -Gather all the information & suggestions within the division. Report this information to the Division Management for further consideration.


    Take part in the research of specialized MO suppliers, approve the drafting of contracts and follow up on staff arrival and assignment.
    - Ensure that the periodic staff evaluation forms are prepared in accordance with the rules issued by the HRMD.
    -Assist the Direction Board in the elaboration of salaries readjustments and promotions and submit it to HR / FIAD.
    -Weekly manpower report.
    -Manpower Forecast schedule of requirements and liberation.
  • TECHNIP CONSORTIUM (Technip, Tecnicas Reunidas, JGC) – Dung Quat, Vietnam. - Camp Co-ordinator

    2007 - 2007 Camp Coordinator (Business and Administration department)


    -In charge of all Camp related issues:
    Camp site construction completion (482 accommodations), Camp site occupancy, Camp site Security, Camp site outlets, Camp site maintenance, Camp site Administration, Invoices related issues.
    -Ensured proper daily camp operation.


    -Follow up on contract completion with external service providers; Coordinated all services between TPC and the external service suppliers according to the contracts and amendments of contract.
    -Reporting to B&A site management, occupancy forecast; frequent daily meeting within group and with other departments for coordination of work and services.


    -Check in and check out procedures for new mobilization, VIP, guest, vendors.
    -Transportation schedule.
    -Daily resident complains and request.
    -Communicated and interacted with all departments (more than 500 people of over 25 nationalities.)


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