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Man of passion, driven by an interest in all concerns and topics, with a helicopter-view and a developed sense of anticipation; the key-factors of success are, in my opinion, motivation and ownership of men, and this prior to any organizational structure or technological innovations.

Mes compétences :
Gestion de flux
HSSE Management
Gestion budgétaire
Contrôle des coûts
Réglementation et organisation du transport
Business development
Gestion de crise
Gestion de projet
Approvisionnement et achats
Gestion de contrats


  • Prevent Technology Group - Business Development Manager

    2016 - 2016 1. Growth:
    • Improve company’s reputation and visibility through strategic communication policy.
    • Create, negotiate and close new commercial agreements, almost in previously lost but high potential markets.
    • Plans and oversees appropriate marketing initiatives (pricing, product & services availability, customer service)
    • Responsible for heading up expansion in new markets as well as continued expansion among existing clients.
    • Strengthen relationships with existing clients in an attempt to increase their current spend.
    • Proactively drive peak performance and sales success across the organization
    2. Operational excellence:
    • Lead needs analysis, design, development and implementation of logistic solutions, in order to reach the most competitive costs.
    • Measure and track effectiveness of initiatives – Raise timely issues to Country Manager and take appropriate measures.
    • Analyze and interpret business data/trends impacting performance including program evaluation, sales performances per rep, assessments, evaluations, engagement and business performance.
    • Continuous Improvement Focus: Lead continuous improvement efforts to enhance quality and increase efficiency in area of responsibility
  • Vivo Energy Madagascar (under Shell Licensee) - Transport & Logistics Manager

    2014 - 2015 1. Leadership & Commitment:
    • Manages all transport and lubricant warehouses activities – Accountable for all staff and contractors actions .
    • Delivers targets (financial and operational) at agreed deadlines. Amend as per legal & business evolutions if required.
    • Ensure transport and warehouse staff development.
    • Assess staff and contractors training needs (on the job & off the job). Establish risk-based training plan as per legal and Group requirements. Follow-up proper implementation and gap closure. Provide support any time required.
    2. Organizational development:
    • Plans target & resources (operational and financial) for all transport and warehouses activities, as per business evolutions. Defend annual budget submission (approx. USD 1 million per month) to Vivo Energy Board - Manages costs and follows up approved expenses through year.
    • Manage the bulk and packed transport contractors in order to help them to have an acceptable management level, as per Group standards, through regular appraisals of proper implementation of all required controls related to 7 pillars: HSSE & risk management, organization, vehicles, trips, drivers and customer service.
    • Ensure development and implementation of proactive HSE Culture in Transport within Vivo Energy and among the Road Transport and Warehouse Contractors with clear KPIs, especially for the sharp-end workforces
    • Monitor Transport performance (KPIs) and implement corrective actions in order to have continuous improvement.
    3. Risk Management:
    • Establish and update on a quarterly basis the business risk matrix – Manages proper implementation of all controls
    • Establish Hazards and Effects Management Process for all transport and warehouse activities - Execute action scheme planned in order to manage all related risks in the activities and achieve goal zero (zero serious nor major incidents) – Support other managers in areas related to Supply & Distribution (quality - marine – engineering – stock control – retail & B2B/B2C businesses)
    • Issue audit and inspection plans as per risk level – Lead planned and spot checks.
    • Plans and leads risk-based drills in order to give a fair insurance that operations are run on the field as it is intended to be. Issue learnings, share best practices and take appropriate actions to close potential gaps.
    4. Financials – Contracting & Procurement:
    • Manages all contracts and procurement processes related to Transport and warehouse activities – Seek consistently areas for savings in approved budget.
    • Optimize the transport activities and make an optimum fleet in order to have a sustainable win-win situation with the contractors, and to have a safe distribution in accordance to VE Road Transport Policy.
    • Leads Transport & Warehouse tender processes in accordance to legal and Group requirements, with appropriate stakeholders.
    5. Operational excellence:
    • Supervise the delivery activities in order to synchronize better the carriers, customer services, drivers, vehicles and rounds Management, and deliveries confirmations.
    • Ensure that products are delivered to customers timely and at competitive cost
  • Vivo Energy Madagascar (under Shell Licensee) - Acting Supply Planner (Fuel)

    2012 - 2012 1. Stock management:
    • Issue business importation requirements, with regards to legal and vessel constraints – Agree with Country Leadership Team quantities to be imported.
    • Ensure and schedule fuel import in order to meet business needs, and manage all the issues linked to importation (avoid ship demurrages, urgent additional orders, establishment of sales forecast ...)
    • Schedule transfers by land and sea to meet business needs in all depots around the country, ensuring compliance with LPSA
    • Monitor on a daily basis stock level in each 24 fuel depots in order to avoid stock-out and penalties from authorities.
    2. Contract management:
    • Analyze contractors (traders, depots) performance and take all appropriate actions when needed.
    • Monitor regularly vessel situation – Raise timely issues and take appropriate measures in order to keep business continuity.
    • Check invoices related to Fuel Supply (traders, local suppliers ...), register and prepare their payment
    3. Customer service:
    • Be the focal point for all internal and external communications related to supply; point out relevant information and implement all appropriate measures. Maintain all records.
  • Royal Dutch Shell - Scheduler & Delivery Cordinator

    Paris 2009 - 2013 1. Project management:
    • Project Manager of Retail Manual Preplanning, initiated by the Shell Group. - Roll out the program in Madagascar and ensure sustainable improvement of the project, through a strong follow-up of KPIs related to customer service, product availability on sites, transport costs and performances (delivered volumes, drivers duty hours, vehicle shifts, drop size…)
    2. Logistics & Operations:
    • Establish deliveries schedule at D-2 for D day, in accordance to existing HSSE constraints and customer needs, taking into account stock levels at the depots and optimized resources.
    • Schedule all deliveries and solve all issues related to delivery by maintaining a high level of customer service, while optimizing the use of the fleet by focusing on a sustainable cost reduction.
    3. Customer service:
    • Act as a focal point for all communications related to deliveries, whether internal (Retail, B2B Operations, Customer Service Center, Finance, Maintenance ...) or external (Depots, Transport...). Point out relevant information from each stakeholder and carry appropriate action plan accordingly.
    • Keep consistently with all involved parties (Sales persons, contractors retailers, Customer Service Centre) a live delivery information.
    4. Financials – Cost management:
    • Check consistently areas for volume growth and savings anywhere it is possible as Transport costs are only item in pricing to be under company’s control. Work closely with Sales persons in order to make potential become reality.
    • Issue transport costs anytime required by the business (tender process) as per project volume, location, length and HSSE requirements.
    • Establish provisions of invoices related to transport activities (fuel - lubricants); check all invoices before payment and establish the corresponding payment orders. Check invoices related to throughput fees at the depots, and establish the corresponding payment orders.
    5. Insurance:
    • Analyze GPS and On Board Computer datas prior to trip scheduling. Approve every new trip and in case fo uncompliance of the trip to HSSE rules, take all immediate corrective actions.
    • Follow the return of delivery documents from all regions, and manage the archiving of the evidences related to commercial transactions
  • Red Cross - Madagascar - Project Officer - Assistant of Disaster & Rsk Reduction Manager

    2008 - 2009 1. Project management:
    • Leads implementation of 2 projects as per agreed terms with international funders:
     DREF Eric – Fanele, Menabe & Sofia – IFRC : Construction and Refurbishment of 20 community wells - Distributions of Non-Food Items to 5000 affected families.
     LDS, Menabe : Food distribution to 300 affected families.
    • Plans all required resources (financial and operational), implements on-field activities (tenders, procurement, HR and vehicles)
    • Establish technical and financial reports of different projects.
    • Monitor technical progress (KPIs) and follow-up supply and logistics performances.
    • Ensure quality of production and compliance with the "community outreach" projects.
    2. Team management:
    • Leads a team of a dozen of national and regional staff and hundreds of local volunteers covering both regions – Coordinate actions and drive results.
    • Ensure connections with partners and project donors.
     Develop appropriate management tools for decision making.


  • Université Catholique (Antananarivo)

    Antananarivo 2007 - 2008 Masters II Marketing
  • Faculté Des Sciences Sociales - Université Catholique De Madagascar (ICM) (Antananarivo)

    Antananarivo 2005 - 2006 DEUSS

    Economie - Compétences acquises, disciplines abordées, activités annexes.
  • Université Catholique (Antananarivo)

    Antananarivo 2004 - 2007 Masters I - Economics


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