Clement RIBART


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En résumé

I am currently following a double master degree at Georgia Tech and Arts&Métiers. I am specialized in mechanical engineering and will graduate this year (2012). Especially, I am interested in Micromechanics and Material science.

As I think that such science is very transverse, I would like to work in several industrial areas such as Aeronautics (EADS-Airbus, Dassault), Automotive (PSA, Volkswagen,...), Material extraction and transformation (Dupont de Nemours, Imerys, Rio Tinto, Arcelor, Schlumberger...). I want to study and design the smart functional materials of tomorrow by means of modelization, experiments and simulations by confronting them.

My goal is to begin my career with strongly technical missions in order to take benefit of the top level education I recieved so far. And in 5 years, I am eager to move management missions once I will have the legitimity. For example, I would be looking for managing Research & Development teams. As a consequence I could lead wemen and men while dealing with organizational and budget aspects.

I am eager to travel at the beginning of my career. This is why I am looking for a VIE mission at the beginning of January 2013.
I am interested to go in North America, South America and Europe.

Mes compétences :
Micro mécanique


  • Arts et metiers ParisTech - Etudiant

    Paris maintenant


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Et Métiers (Angers)

    Angers maintenant
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology (Atlanta)

    Atlanta 2011 - maintenant MSME - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering - Materials - Fracture theory


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