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  • CNH Industrial - VIE EMEA Planner and Supplier developer (ITALY)

    2015 - maintenant - Responsible for analysing and optimising inventory management and material planning of truck parts in EMEA region.
    - Monitoring KPI in terms of Stock Value vs Service level.
    - Conducting buying activities between intercompanies (Buyback, return, All time Buy, Bridge Buy ...).
    - Monitoring VOR.
    - Coordinated urgent backorders management between purchasing, planning and expediting
    - Identified, removed and prevented overstock and obsolete inventory
    - Designed the pipeline management between Europe and Ethiopia
    - Responsible for managing Inventory in South Africa and Ethiopia (with daily reports+ analysis about stock simulation + intercompany )
    - Coordinating investment with Planning team and Finance to improve parts availability for tenders, key accounts or flagship trucks
    - Controlled DRPs parameters accuracy (forecast, safety stock, lead time, moving class)

    Italian/English working environment.
  • Tokyo Denki University - R&D Internship (JAPAN)

    2014 - 2014 Responsible for carrying out research and development of a transradial prosthesis :
    • Reviewed literature and evaluated past models about upper-limb prostheses and myoelectric signals.
    • Performed signal acquisition, processing, optimisation and algorithmic.
    • Project management.
    • Conducted monthly meetings with university professors.

    English working environment and some Japanese
  • SWIZA SA - Design department Internship (SWITZERLAND)

    2013 - 2013 Responsible for carrying out research and development of a new horological complication to mark the company’s first hundred and seventy-five years:
    • Designed all parts of a Gregorian perpetual calendar and tourbillon complications for industrial production.
    • Studied theology, astronomy and kinematic about a new complication. Algorithmic.
    • Performed functional dimensioning/ISO dimensioning, material choice
    • Carried out profile correction.
    • Introduced new movement standards
    • Assembled clocks.
    • Project management.
    • Introduced CAD data management with Vault.
    • Conducted project meetings.
    • Created technical documents about new products.
    • Participated and prepared the BaselWorld 2014 trade show.

  • NEOSTEO - Stagiaire ouvrier

    2012 - 2012 Packaging implants, ancillaries, control room, workshop planning and management.



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