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  • Apple - Engineering Manager

    PARIS 2014 - maintenant * Leading team of 10 engineers designing and implementing power
    management features for all Apple products (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV,
    Apple Watch) and operating systems (OS X, iOS, Watch OS)
  • Apple - Senior Software Engineer

    PARIS 2011 - 2014 * Led Apple Watch system power modeling, SoC power and system peak
    power management (brownout avoidance) from project start to launch
    * Led with silicon and software cross-functional teams several feature
    developments for power and performance optimizations on Apple's
    custom SoC for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
    * Managed multiple CPU/SoC bring-ups of power management features
    * Influenced new SoC hardware developments to optimize software design
    and enable new power management schemes
    * Analysed and communicated power, performance and thermal trade-offs
    for multiple new software features and products launches
    * Implemented several power and thermal internal analysis tools
    * Developed innovative generic IOKit driver statistics collection framework
    and user library facilitating debug and analysis of power and
  • Motorola Mobility - System Architect

    Toulouse 2009 - 2011 * Architected future platforms and custom GSM/UMTS/LTE baseband SoC
    power, DVFS, clock manager and sleep controller for optimal power
    * Defined a DMAIC process aiming to lead technology teams to better
    power-awareness and accountability
    * Analyzed market trends and set product power consumption targets at
    system level helping strategic silicon and chipset vendor selections
    * Delivered to system architecture and senior leadership teams a
    comparison matrix of power, size and cost for Motorola and competitive
    chipset configurations
    * Led the expansion of automated power measurement capabilities on
    Android smartphones. Tracked daily the power progress of 10+ products
    and several new platform designs including custom multimode modem
    * Worked on embedded energy modeling and power-awareness algorithms
    aiming to improve the understanding of power consumption in handsets
  • Motorola Mobility - Battery Life Project Leader

    Toulouse 2008 - 2009 * Shipped Motorola Droid, Milestone, Droid X and multiple other products
    based on TI OMAP3 platform
    * Lead development of a fully automated power measurement test bench
    * Analyzed, correlated and drove down sub-system power numbers daily
    * Drove power optimizations across hardware and software
    cross-functional organizations while coordinating local and remote teams
    * Presented project status in the form of a ``balance sheet'' to executives
    providing visibility and confidence
    * Brought Motorola's custom GSM/UMTS modem solution to world class
    power consumption
  • Motorola Mobile - Hardware Engineer

    2004 - 2008 * Secured 3 new generation platform bring-ups until product launch ;
    * Shipped Motorola Z6, Razr 2, E8 and others ;
    * Designed, manufactured and tested reference design boards
    * Validated hardware system with new custom SoC, including strategic
    components such as DVFS, clock and power gating, 2G/3G Layer 1 Deep
    Sleep Timing module, Memory retention, DigRF interface
    * Drove SoC design changes to help power optimization and lead products
    to best in class battery life
    * Wrote low level software control code of power management features
    (DVFS, Deep Sleep, Clock tree configurations)
    * Resolved complex system wide issues interfacing with silicon vendors
    and Motorola internal development teams
    * Developed and maintained software framework used for hardware
    validation (100+ test codes)
  • Siemens Mobile GMBH - Signal Processing Software Intern

    2004 - 2004 * Developed signal processing algorithm artificially extending telephony
    speech bandwidth from 8 to 16kHz


  • Ecole Supérieure D'Electricité

    Paris 2001 - 2004 Masters Degree

    Master Degree​ Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Supélec

    Paris 2001 - 2004
  • Lycee International De Sevres (Paris)

    Paris 1996 - 1999 Baccalauréat Scientifique

    Option internationale (ABITUR)
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