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Bonjour, Hello,

As an MR Scientist, I am currently providing research support to clinicians, physicists and biomedical engineers in Montreal area to challenge the possibilities of MRI for diagnosis and treatment.

My goal is to bridge technological innovation from academia into clinical practice.

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Mes compétences :
Lean Six Sigma
Imagerie médicale
C++, Qt, OpenCV, ITK/VTK
Java Python
MRI (DTI, cardiac)
ICE programming
MRI programming
IDEA programming
Medical imaging


  • CHU Montréal - MR Scientist

    2018 - maintenant Transmedtech Institute and CHU Montreal in collaboration with Siemens recruited Dr. Cyril Tous, with advanced expertise in MR programming, in December 2018. He is currently providing services at the Centre de Recherche CHUM, CHU Saint Justine, Montreal Heart Institute and IUGM in Montreal
    His roles are:
    1. Assess whether the Principal Investigators' needs can be fulfilled by the research sequences already available in the Siemens network
    2. Create and program when necessary, in collaboration with the PI and the graduate students involved in the project, a new sequence that achieves the objectives of the research program.
    3. Monitor the quality of the generated images.
    4. Create synergy across research programs and institutes
    5. Facilitate the dissemination of these new sequences in the Montreal bio-imaging network and within Siemens Medical
  • The University of Auckland - Research Engineer

    2014 - 2014 Topic: "Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging evaluation of heart muscle structure"

    Cardiac imaging enables precise and accurate classification and evaluation of heart disease. Example application are children with congenital heart disease, adults with heart failure, and diabetes and infarction. The department of anatomy with radiology at the School of Medical Sciences will use advanced MRI methods to evaluate heart shape, function and mechanical properties. This research group have access to state of the art MRI scanners and software trhough a research collaboration with Siemens Medical Systems.
    The aim of this project is to evaluate a new method for the measurement of heart muscle structure with diffusion tensor MRI.

    Skills involved: Matlab, DTI-MRI
  • Auckland Bioengineering Institute - Research Engineer

    2013 - 2013 Subject titile: "Integrating computational modelling and micro CT to understand bone growth in orthopaedic applications".

    The goal of this project is to validate current understanding of bone growth and its influence on orthopaedic applications. Understanding the influence of osteocytes and mechano-sensitive cells on bone will enable us to forecast bone growth and resorption.

    We combined computational modelling of bone growth with high resolution imaging of mouse bone to inform, validate and improve on current understanding of bone behaviour.

    We have created finite element models of six mouse bone vertebrae and subjected them to loads, to examine the subsequent behaviour of bone growth and resorption.

    This will be the first time we have been able to validate such models using a novel time-lapsed CT imaging device.

    Skills invovled: Abaqus Software, Python script, Cmgui from CMISS
  • Avel Vor Technology - Business Consultant

    2012 - 2013 The VéliBat project, from Avel Vor Technology Inc. , aims at modernizing fishing ships thanks to the definition of a triple hybridization system, heat and electric engine plus automated sails, enabling cost savings related to energetic consumption.

    As consultant, the goal was to improve many aspects of Velibat project by:
    - Improving its strategic positioning => market study, marketing & communication analysis
    - Improving the efficiency of the purchasing process => Quality management
    - Convincing new sponsors => Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC, Ishikawa diagram), FMEA with Risk Priority Number, 5Whys and identify CTQ.


  • The University Of Auckland / Te Whare Wananga O Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland)

    Auckland 2015 - 2018 PhD

    MRI programming to investigate muscles fibres’ architecture in congenital heart disease on ex-vivo and in-vivo human hearts.
    The goal is to understand why people with heart malformation have lower life expectancy by studying their muscles’ fibres orientations.

    My PhD involves:
    - grant writing in order to scan patients with MRI (fundraised $110K, 02/2019)
    - writing ethic's application
    - self-learn
  • Université De Rennes 1 - Faculté De Médecine

    Rennes 2013 - 2014 MASTER 2, RESEARCH

    While studing at ISEN (engineering school)

    fMRI, DTI-MRI, MRI (cardiac, hepatic, cartilage, digestive, biomarkers), ASL
    PET/TDM (registration, segmentation, breathing movement correction)

    DICOM, Image compression and encryption, Workflow

    Neurosurgery guided by image
    Interventional radiology, immunotherapy
    Augmented reality and virtuality
    Simulators, Medical robots
  • ESC Rennes School Of Business

    Rennes 2012 - 2013 MASTER 2
  • Université Brest Bretagne Occidentale UFR Sciences et Techniques

    Brest 2010 - 2011 a bachelor of science in Physics

    while studying at ISEN.

    Brest 2008 - 2014 MASTER 2


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