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Optimisation des process


  • Airbus - Manufacturing engineer processes optimizer at AIRBUS paintshop unit

    Blagnac 2013 - maintenant * develop and implement the Manufacturing processes optimizer job at the AIRBUS paintshop unit
    * create the representation of aircraft painting lifecycle
    * simulate and study all the impact of each choice take about change processes
    * estimate cost and gains of different projects in realation with painting systems
    * be able to organize production for long term
    * organize relations with some tranversal units projects
  • Airbus - Manufacturing processes optimizer at A330 flight line

    Blagnac 2011 - 2013 This job was the same as I did for the A330 commercial unit. The domain integrated all the activites of the flight line and in the same times all the engines assembly activites.
  • Airbus - Manufacturing processes optimizer and LEAN change agent at A330 commercial unit

    Blagnac 2008 - 2011 * Develop plans to reduce production time
    * Actor deployment of LEAN MANUFACTURING on the final assembly line of the A330 commercial unit
    * Establish graphics balancing determining the sequences of steps for assembling an airplane
    * Being a guarantor of the working time on aircraft
    * Optimize stains operators by studying their processes, transportation and means of work using the methods of lean manufacturing: VSM, KAIZEN, 5S,….
  • Airbus - Scheduling Aircraft Technician

    Blagnac 2007 - 2008 Support aircraft throughout their life cycle on the final assembly line of the A330/340 program.
    Negotiate and establish with partners and subcontractors realization of the outstanding works on aircrafts.
  • Airbus - Flight line Technical and Logistics Coordinator

    Blagnac 2006 - 2007 Manage and facilitate meetings for Flight Test OP, the pre-flight meeting and the handover to the airbus delivery center.
    Negotiate and establish with partners and subcontractors realization of the outstanding works on aircrafts.
  • Airbus - TEAM LEADER in working party development

    Blagnac 2005 - 2006 Team leader on working party of the A330/340 new generations development.
    Management team of a dozen people.
  • Airbus - Final assembly line Technical Support

    Blagnac 2002 - 2005 Manage and control hazards during aircraft assembly on A300 and after A330/340 final assembly line. Knowledge of the different structures of an aircraft (fuel, hydraulic, electrical, engine systems, primary and secondary structure as well as commercial development)