En résumé

Mes compétences :
Scrum Master
Dynamics CRM


  • FuturMaster - Software Developer

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2006 - 2008 After an internship in the University of Carnegie Mellon, in the United States, I started a sandwich course in the company FuturMaster. FuturMaster is a software editor in Supply Chain Forecast. It develops a specialized solution for huge companies. FuturMaster’s goal is to help companies to reduce their costs in physical supply, manufacturing planning and control, and physical distribution. FuturMaster software suite offers the possibility to make best decisions to increase customer services while reducing production costs.

    I’m currently working with the development team and my mission is to correct and develop the diverse FuturMaster’s applications. The development of new features gave me new competences in C++/MFC and C#/.NET. I design, develop and test the new features from the analyse of the user's needs. I also enjoy working for FuturMaster because I’m curious to learn more about Supply Chain and I found enthralling having leading companies as client.
    I'm especially in charge of maintaining and developing the graphical module of the application, developed in .NET Framework 1.1 and using Nevron components. I will also participate to the migration of FuturMaster from C++/MFC to C#/WPF/.NET technologies.
    I participate to the maintenance of the software solution and may have to do overtime when a customer has technical problems.
  • PSLC (Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center) - Visiting Researcher

    2005 - 2006 Carnegie Mellon University, located at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is one of the leading Universities in the United States. It is renowned for its School of Computer Science, but not only that. Its contributions in the field of engineering, Computer Science, economics and art are universally recognized. Centered on a first-rate education, research and inter-disciplinary projects, Carnegie Mellon houses the principal research center dedicated to the study of robust learning: the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center (PSLC).

    PSLC is a national resource which supports research projects centered on the study of how people learn and how learning can be improved. Research projects supported by the PSLC aim to understand how people can learn more effectively and identify how knowledge or skills can be easily transferred into new domains. The PSLC combines use of new technologies in computer science with cognitive sciences such as psychology and neurology.

    It is at the PSLC that I carried out my internship of end of my Technologue studies. I had the opportunity to work on the development of the PSLC website during the 5 months of my internship, adapting the Internet site to the concrete and immediate needs for the PSLC. Among the tasks entrusted to me, I most notably implemented system of proposal and project management.

    This internship gave me complementary knowledge of PHP and MySql through uploading files, sending emails, and object programming. I also learned how to configure the Apache server that I never previously installed. My work on the phpbb forums gave me knowledge of their integration, operation, and enhancement. I reinforced my knowledge in JavaScript by using the ActiveWidget API. I often used CSS, and I was required to address browser compatibility issues (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape...).
  • Association de Villepinte - Service engineer as trainee

    2003 - 2003 Association de Villepinte, 27 rue de Maubeuge 75009 Paris, summer 2003. A non-profit-making organization helping physically challenged people.
    Worked in the computer department. Maintained computers, set up and configured Windows 2000 server, installed an internal mail service.