En résumé

After 10 years working in Spain, in various departments (Logistics, Molding, Scheduling) for the international group BIC, I have decided to leave the company to undertake a personal project I have been working on for many years.

Being a successful independant trader in the Madrid stock Exchange is a goal I have wanted to achieve for many years. Having gained a high level of mathematical and statistical understanding, I have been able to establish a complex speculative strategy which is based on derivative products and technical chart analysis.

My venture into the Financial sector represents a radical change of direction in my professional career, both in terms of job description and way of working. I hope it will be enough to earn a little bit money for me and my family to live on.


  • Bic Graphic Europe - Planificateur

    Clichy 1999 - maintenant During 10 years I took part of several departments in this company, like supply-chain, molding department and scheduling.

    In the molding department I was in charge of the schedule of the plant, the stock, the suppliers and other projects like the implentation of Kanban method in the factory.
    Another project was the creation of an ERP with the STAM philosophy, which result was also the creation of the global scheduling department than I took part in the last 2 years.


  • Institut Mathématiques Appliquées (Angers)

    Angers 1994 - 1999 Production
  • Lycée Saint Stanislas

    Nantes 1987 - 1994 Bac C


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