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Joseph Euloge MOUBOYO MOUZITA , University studies in psychology and Fourteen years of rich professional experience as:
*1999 – 2001 : Manager to the Red Cross, Public Relations Officer.
* 2001- 2002 : Sales Representative Agency RG & Crafts Associate RD CONGO, advertising consulting agency affiliated with Studio 57 in Paris (France).
*2002 – 2004 : Promoter breweries near the Operational Marketing Service - Brazzaville.

* 2004 – 2006 :Promoter at Celtel Congo-B, near of Marketing Events – Brazzaville.
*In turn 2006 - 2011, Marketing Assistant trade Celtel Congo-B, Trade Marketing Supervisor of six (6) sales offices at Celtel Congo-B, Project Manager Program Model Shops, Trade Marketing Team Leader In upcountry areas Zain Congo-B, Retail sales CONGO-B at Zain, National Trade Marketing Manager Acting Several times Celtel / Zain Congo-B, Team Lead --- Airtel Rebranding zain CONGO-B, Trade Marketing Specialist at Airtel Congo-B (Bharti airtel limited)

*2011 From 10/08/2011 to 09/2012 National Trade Marketing Manager at Azur Congo– B (Bintel affiliated).
*2012, from 04/07 to 04/08/2012: Sales and customer service Director Acting at Azur Congo (Bintel affilitiated).
*From October 2012 - to February 2013: Regional Business Manager at Azur Congo (Bintel affiliated).
*From September 2013 - October 2013: Sales consultant at Usan Gabon (Bintel affiliated).

*From January 2014 ---january 2015: National trade Marketing Manager at Brasseries du CONGO ( Heineken affiliated )
*From March 2015 .....Market Manager Central Africa(Congo,RDC, RCA,Gabon, Angola,Cameroun,Guinée Equatoriale,Tchad) at IDF RADIOCOM FRANCE

Specialisations : Rebranding , Branding and Identity, Sales Promotions and Acquisition, Competitive analysis, BTL & ATL strategies , Sales and Distribution, Events, trade Marketing.


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