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  • SFR - Head of 1st & 2nd level Technical support

    2012 - maintenant
  • SFR - Performance RF Engineering Manager

    2008 - 2011 12-people-team management (Engineers & qualified technicians)
    In charge of the GSM/3G/HSPA network Quality of Service & Performance (North-East region – 13000 2G/3G cells)
    Established a new team and a new organisation leaded after a layoff plan

    Organisational Management

    12-people team leading
    Regional RF Engineering Budget Follow up
    Strong involvement in the national new organisation workshop
    Built a new team and its training plan according to the coming activities --> Less than 3 months to adapt the team to the main subjects
    Transferred the concerned files to central management --> Hand-back on strategical matters achieved on time

    Managed activities

    Follow up and improvement/optimization of the GSM/3G/HPA regional network (Nokia Siemens Network and Alcatel-Lucent Radio Interface suppliers), in spite of increase of capacity and 900MHz 3G layer deployed
    High Level Key Performance Indicators daily watch out (Radio Interfaces, OMC, Probes)
    End to End Voice and Data quality of service regional steering --> Regulatory benchmark showed SFR 1st Mobile Network for Voice
    Voice and data improvement plan of action --> Fast train lines drop call rate improved by 10%
    RF measurement, new supplier features test and assessment
    Validation of the planned network operations to certify the least customer impact (following to capacity upgrade, new site opening, topology evolution, etc …) --> Supplier devices swap achieved with stable QoS
    New technologies and capacity anticipation

    Skills :
    People management, team leading, Dashboards, Key performance Indicators, Budget management, Sub-contractors, Radio Frequency Engineering, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Alcatel Lucent (ALU), OMC, RAN, 3G+, HSPA, BSS, GSM, UMTS, ATOLL, NPO, Parameters sets optimisation
  • SFR - RF Engineering Manager

    2007 - 2008 10-people team leading (Engineers and qualified Technicians)

    Key responsibilities
    Annual assessment interviews
    Specified and wrote letters of assessment
    Coordinated and leaded regional “RF Network Design”
    Metropolitan areas performance dashboard daily monitored
    Competitor benchmark and follow up
    Needs adjustment to broadband coverage and capacity
    Refocusing coverage to new marketing specifications
    Regional budget follow up on dimensioning, probes, and measurements (2.3M€)

    Key achievements
    2G and 3G dimensioning automation (2,8million customers on the managed region)
    Massive EDGE deployment design achieved on time
    Network improvement scheme coordination
    Sharp collaboration with the local business team on major network events and specific coverage improvement to better focus on customer needs

    People management, team leading, Dashboards, Key performance Indicators, Budget management, Sub-contractors, Radio Frequency Engineering, Network Design, Siemens, Alcatel, OMC, RAN, 3G+, HSPA, BSS, GSM, UMTS, ATOLL, Parameters sets optimisation
  • SFR - RF Engineer

    2005 - 2007 In charge of the End-to-End quality of Service on the Nokia 2G/3G network of Lyon (2nd French metropolitan area)

    Key responsibilities
    Probes Radio and Core analysis (Astellia Probes)
    Radio and Core troubleshooting to optimise the parametering strategy (2000 cells 2G/3G)
    New features tests on the nokia 3G network, working within the Vodafone Workshop team
    Enhanced 2G and 3G parametering use
    Local main contact on the 3G parametering working group
    Supervised 3 interns

    Key achievements
    Improved 2G and 3G parameters set templates on roads and fast train lines
    Improved HSDPA bearer size adaptation to video streaming (part of VF workshop)
    Enabled the unexpected 2G traffic 2006 to pass through in spite of slow capacity deployment
    Enhanced the probes and measurements analysis
    One intern hired

    Skills :
    Key performance Indicators, Radio Frequency Engineering, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Alcatel, OMC, RAN, 3G+, HSPA, BSS, GSM, UMTS, ATOLL, Pro-Optima, Parameters sets optimisation, Probes analysis.
  • SFR - Telecommunications Engineer

    2003 - 2005 Key responsibilities
    Voice and Data 2G/3G follow up and dimensioning on BSC and SGSN (supplier, Nokia) – 2.3 million customers
    Target design of BSC, SGSN and transcoders (60 BSC and 4 SGSN)
    Built annual regional budgets of the BSS part
    Project management of BSC and transcoders commissioning with Nokia and 2 subcontractors

    Key achievements
    Enabled the large amount of Data traffic to be cost efficiently elapsed
    BSS devices filled to 75% for cost efficiency matters
    Budget tightly adjusted to the real deployment capacity and need

    Skills :
    BSS, GSM, Traffic Dimensioning, SGSN, Project management, Budget built and follow-up
  • SFR - RF Engineer Trainee

    2002 - 2003 Graduation Project

    Key responsibilities
    GSM network optimisation of a part of Inner Paris
    Focused on road measurements and KPI statistics
    Solved the known and upcoming quality problems

    Key achievements
    Improved the drop call rate by 10%
    Highlighted the aftermaths of the wrong 1800MHz spectrum allocation and provided a tool to avoid it
  • Auchan France - Wholesale calculators buyer Trainee

    Villeneuve-d'Ascq 2001 - 2001 Focused on the “2001 Back to school” and beginning of the “€uro” transition
    Developed the regular and “2001 back to school” calculators range
    Contacted the suppliers.
    Attended to negotiation with the wholesale buyer
    Developed the product book dedicated to department supervisors (including merchandising plan, communication plan, products comparison and characteristics)
  • XTS Telecom - VoIP Network Trainee

    2001 - 2002 Implemented IP traffic management follow-up (using MRTG)
    Tested, choose and deployed the WAN supervision platform (HP Openview Network Node Manager)
    Suggested, tested, choose and deployed the implementation of a cost efficiency improvement solution for calls to mobile networks via a VoIP gateway.
  • City of Montreal - Communication assistant trainee

    2000 - 2000 Wrote public news releases on cultural events of the city
    Wrote mayor's speeches
    Prepared several cultural events
    Developed the main design of the Cultural community centres website


  • Telecom Lille 1 (Villeneuve D'Ascq)

    Villeneuve D'Ascq 1998 - 2003 Management de l'Innovation et Conduite de Projets - Communications avec les Mobiles

    Filière Initiale

    Innovation Management & Project Leading - Mobile Networks communications


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