En résumé

Avec plus de 20 années d'expérience en R&D de solutions incluant de l’électronique embarquée, petite à grande série, j'ai développé une expertise en management d'équipes et de projets en objectifs QCD, au besoin en intégrant la gestion des risques.
Je me positionne également sur les environnements à forte technicité nécessitant des analyses pointues afin de les partager avec mes collaborateurs, homologues et clients.

Mes compétences :
Conception de produits
Support client
Pilotage sous-traitance
Logiciel embarqué
Gestion de projets


  • Ecofit - R&D Manager

    2010 - 2016 *Management of a development by a German supplier for an electronic controller of a brushless motor of 250W.
    *Full 150W motor development with a Netherlands supplier (electronic), including modelization and simulation phases. Development of a self-diagnostic tool. Development of a manufacturing process of the motor without solder.
    *Strategy for Electronic and Software development as modules to optimize the reuse.
    *Application development to follow all the projects: labor hours recording per person, key specification of the projects, actions follow-up as PDCA, automatisation of calculation on product datasheet for regulation compliance.
    *Set-up of a project with a CNRS lab to develop high efficiency impellers thanks to new CFD design technology.
  • Martec Serpe - R&D Director

    2007 - 2009 *Realization of a Technical Product Plan in relation with Marketing and Sales department.
    *Product cost reduction through design to cost approach using new technologies.
    *Innovative solution developments using seismic concept and new electronic components.
    *System configuration development to facilitate commercial offers construction.
    *Obsolete products renewing.
  • Innovi Research Lab - R&D Director

    2006 - 2007 *In charge of the site (13 to 20 persons): management of projects, organization, budgets, invoices, salaries, suppliers.
    *4 Bluetooth head set developed,
    *Tool establishment for registration of individual labor hours in order to issue corresponding invoices.
    *Intranet Database definition and setup for test protocols (defined in France), testing (done in China) and validations of the headsets. Initially for R&D purpose then for Marketing use and hotline support.
  • Hitachi - Engineering Manager

    Antony 2001 - 2006 Research and Development Manager

    *Creation and organization of Engineering Section of 20 persons getting ISO 9001 and TS16949 certification.
    *Development of 2 industrial prototypes of a security automotive product based on electrostatic measurement, with validation and qualification phases according AUDI or GM standards.
    *Analog Asic and sensing device development.
    *Annual development budget of 1M€. 5 patents.
    *Development of a products SIPOA based on an electrostatic measurement, sold to: ‘Le Louvre' Museum at Paris/France, ‘Saint Marc' basilica at Venice/Italy, ‘Picasso' Museum at Barcelona/Spain).
  • Ingenico - Project Manager

    Paris 1998 - 2001 *Development of a portable banking card payment terminal with GSM or Mobitex radio modules. (Extension of a product range). From specification to production controlling cost and delay, including agreements (EMC and telecommunication).
    *Development of battery charger for NiMh and NiCd types.
    *Coordination of Software, Hardware and Mechanical which was designed in Australia, molds and plastic parts done in China.
  • Jules Richard Instruments - Development Engineer

    1994 - 1998 Electronic and Software Designer.
    *development of 3 new products including production testing tools: 4 channels acquisition board, wind alarm, interrogation of recording device through phone network.
    *Maintained electronic products to comply with EMC regulation and ‘CE' labeling.
    *Concept studies of ‘In food thermometer' with smart sensing device, T, %RH, Pressure recorder with LCD display.