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Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, easy to work with, rigorous and tenacious, I have a unique combination of experiences in Manufacturing and SaaS industry with global experience in sales, marketing and operations management. These experiences and my international educational background give me the ability to work and succeed in complex and difficult areas of work. I am used to work with -and for- international companies, so that my primary language at work is English; I also speak German.
I am a result‐oriented person with strong sales leadership and a large experience in adapting the processes of the very mature manufacturing industry to an emerging Saas industry, managing both functional and direct levels.

Mes compétences :
global experience
contract management
Team Management


  • EMEA - Directeur General

    2010 - maintenant is the world's largest online manufacturing marketplace that enables sourcing
    professionals to quickly locate qualified suppliers for CNC Machining, Injection Molding,
    Casting, Fabrication and many other processes through an easy-to-use online platform.
    A strong SEO strategy is needed to mass market the 200.000 members who work on
    50.000 RFQs and 170.000 quotes per year.
    Mission : Define European strategy & include the SourcingParts' SRM solution into the
    global offer and reach breakeven within 2 years. Reorganize EMEA to
    centralize operations in France
    Results : The SourcingParts's SRM solution was redesigned and rebranded LiveSource:
    a powerful cloud-based enterprise SaaS sourcing platform coupled with , the
    world's leading supplier marketplace for the manufacturing industry. This very unique
    product is today the ``flagship product'' of the group. The challenge was to combine
    European customers collaborative' expectations with a pure American sourcing product,
    using the new Web technologies to build a global cloud solution.
    The new EMEA Organization, based in Paris, reached breakeven early 2013
  • EMEA - Directeur Général

    2010 - maintenant leading's/LiveSource's business growth in EMEA including the day-to-day running of the Paris-based operations.
  • - VP Sales & Development Western EMEA

    2008 - 2010
  • - VP Sales and Development

    2006 - 2010 acquired SourcingParts in 2006 with the goal of becoming global and adding
    SRM SaaS expertise to the Marketplace.
    Mission : During the technical merge of the 2 platforms, keep a high level of
    SourcingParts' customer's retention and help bringing the Marketplace sales business
    model in EMEA.
    Results : When technical merge happened in 2010, 86% of SourcingParts' customers
    renewed their memberships; 97% of suppliers migrated to the merged marketplace.
    CRM SalesForce was implemented to support the marketing and sales strategy,
    interfaced with back office tool, in order to leverage customer care and proactively handle technical issues.
  • - Sales Manager

    2001 - 2005 was founded is 2000 to become the European on line Marketplace for
    build to order parts. The offer was combining Saas Software for purchasing, mutualized
    database of suppliers and services. Go to market launched in 2001.
    Mission : Define Go To Market strategy, Develop sales in Switzerland, Belgium and
    France, build and manage a team, structure sales process, drive retention (business
    model was built on yearly licenses). Segment experience from Mid-Market / Small and
    Medium Business to Large Enterprise; Very complex and long sales cycle with ``C Level''
    Results : in 2005, French speaking Area achieved 5,2 millions EUR (72% of SourcingParts'
    global revenue), with a retention rate of 98% and most well-known names of the
    industry such as Thalès, Safran, Schneider Electric, MBK, Legrand, Renault Agriculture,
    Leroy somer, Steelcase, Invacare ... SourcingParts has become the leading Marketplace
    in Europe and raised the interest of
  • ITR France - Sales Manager Europe

    1997 - 2000 250 workers' subsidiary of the industrial Italian group Saiag, ITR was producing and
    delivering hose assemblies in Europe.
    Mission : Increase profitability of the French distribution market working on customers'
    retention and gross margin.
    Results : The company switched from owned subsidiaries to a regional agent network
    in France : Go To Market strategy, sales operations with a team, pricing policy and
    contract management. Customers' satisfaction increased as well as gross margin,
    allowing Saiag to sell ITR to the American Parker group in 2001.
  • Socado - Export Executive

    1993 - 1996 Bought by the Italian group Pirelli in 1993, Socado was distributing hydraulic hoses and
    fittings in France and North Africa. Pirelli's strategy was to use the infrastructure to sell
    industrial hoses and expand in other European countries.
    Mission : Develop OEM market in European countries on Industrial and Hydraulic hoses.
    Results : Socado became a key player on the Industrial washing machine hoses in
    Europe with customers such as Miele, Bauknecht, Siemens, Whirlpool, delivering
    assemblies to those manufacturer. In 1996, Socado's industrial needs were covering
    20% of the Pirelli's production.
    Same strategy was applied for hydraulic hoses, enabling the company to deliver
    assemblies to manufacturer such as Case, Liebherr, Massey Fergusson, O&K, Mecalac,


  • Manhattan Institute Of Management (New York)

    New York 1992 - 1993 Master

    MIM : Manhattan Institute of Management, New York, USA : Master in Business


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