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Mes compétences :
training experience
training design
team training
team building
conflict resolution
PDI Professional development
software development
responsibilities Design
occupational skills
develop others
Thiagi instructional design
Team Management
Social skills
Project Management
Leadership training
Graphic Facilitation Skills
Business Development


  • IMAGICS - Managing Director

    2004 - maintenant Main activities and responsibilities Design and delivery of Leadership training and coaching programs

    Name and address of employer IMAGICS - Moulin de Graïs - 34390 Vieussan - FRANCE
    Type of business or sector Education - Training - Coaching - Assessment tools
    Special achievements Designed, developed, tested and validated an original web based tool for 360 mapping of Teams in their Business context (team members, sponsors, clients, vendors, other teams). The instrument was validated and its software earned and maintained the IBM application partner status. Over 500 teams have bee measured with Organizations like Alstom University, Société Générale, Oracle Nordic and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.
  • MRG Management Resources Group - Managing Director

    2003 - 2004 Turnaround money losing subsidiary, manage a team of 10 employees, support a network of 600 coaches and trainers all over the EMEA. Restored profitability in 18 months

    MRG Management Resources Group - Munich Germany, Lindwurmstrasse 109 - 80337 Munich

    As a master trainer, delivery of multiple licensing workshops in MRG's web based 360 feedback tools and personal inventories
  • IMAGICS - Founder & Director

    2001 - maintenant Programmes de Leadership, Coaching d'équipes, Coaching de dirigeants
  • Imagics - Directeur

    2001 - maintenant Collaboration avec IMD Lausanne, RWE, European Central Bank, Management Centre Europe, Bertelsmann Group, ICRC (Croix Rouge Internationale), Cisco Europe, Oracle Nordic, Alcatel, Belgacom, Alstom University, AXA Asia Pacific Campus, ST Microelectronics, Société Générale, Bank of Valetta, Ericsson, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Eurocontrol, European Investment Bank, Grundfos,
  • Brussels Branch Danish Leadership Institute International - Managing Director

    2000 - 2002 Open the first International Office in Brussels, recruit and build a team of 10 employees, gain the first large international contracts (over 1 M EUR ): BELGACOM, ALCATEL, European Investment Bank, Cisco.
    As a trainer, designed and delivered multiple programs for the above clients plus some of the Danish Programs of the parent Company.

    DIEU - 85 Rue Washington - 1050 Bruxelles - BELGIUM ,
  • Personnel Decisions International - Business Development Manager - Practice

    1993 - 1999 global work design and delivery of Assessment Centers, Development Centers, competency modelling, 360 feedback tools, employee engagement, training and development, leadership development


  • Leadership Institute (Copenhagen)

    Copenhagen 2000 - 2001
  • Institut Commercial De Nancy (ICN)

    Nancy 1970 - 1973 Ingénieur
  • Institut Commercial De Nancy

    Nancy 1970 - 1973 Ingénieur

    Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Management
    Name and type of organisation providing education and training University of Nancy - Institut Commercial de Nancy

    Level in national or international classification Civil Engineer
    Personal skills and competences
  • Lycée Saint Cricq

    Pau 1969 - 1973 Baccalaureate Degree

    Ingénieur ICN - Université de Nancy - France
    Further degrees
    Title, Institution, Year
    Coaching degree Trained one on one by David Petterson over one year, PDI.
    Specialised areas of coaching (lot 1):
    (e.g. 360 coaching, performance coaching, career coaching, coaching during change, management coaching, conflict coaching)

    All the above plus `existential coaching'' based on Irv


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