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Avionics systems Engineering

Spécialités : IMA, A653
AFDX, MIL1553, A429
ARP4754, DO160, DO178, DO297

Mes compétences :
Process Engineering
Systèmes embarqués
Quality management
Project management
Software Engineer


  • Eurogiciel - SYSTEM QMS SUPPORT (ABP / ABD0200)

    Labege 2009 - maintenant In the frame of SHAPE, Airbus Business Processes (ABP) and ABD0200 directives “Requirements for Systems and Cabin Items Designers”, Quality Management System (QMS) support to writers on processes, directives and methods linked to multisystem’ and systems’ development processes (internal or for suppliers):
    • Project coordinator for definition and assessment of development processes linked to:
    o Multi-Systems Architecture and Functional Approach,
    o Shared Resources Architecture,
    o V&V multisystem and V&V system
    • QMS support of ABD0200 modules
    o General : Design activities at inter-system level, Design feature & Product classification
    o Systems Configuration Management
    o Specific Requirement for On board Information Systems (FSA)
    o Specific Requirement for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)
    o Specific Requirement for Avionics Network
    • Project coordinator for reduction of the system Documentation Requirement List (DRL)
  • Eurogiciel - IMA SYSTEM ENGINEER

    Labege 2009 - 2009 In the frame of the development of Thales avionics suites for programs RRJ (sukhoi 100) et ATR (500 family), writing of plans (System Engineering Management Plans, certification plans, Integration / Verification / Validation / Qualification Plans) for the sub-systems ATA-42 (Integrated Modular Avionics et Avionic Data Network) :
    • Roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders: sub-system designer, function suppliers, module supplier, module integrator, network subscribers, network integrator.
    • Incremental Qualification.
    • Compliance to CRIs (Certification Review Item) EASA.
    • Compliance to ARP 4754.

    Labege 2008 - 2009 For ELTA, definition of a Shock Detection System, potentially damaging, around passenger and baggage doors for Single Aisle et Long Range (retrofit):
    • Definition of the system’s architecture: validation of the system specification; definition of equipment’s interfaces
    • Study of interface with A/C (discretes, Arinc 429) in the frame of retrofit on several A/C types: B737, B777, A320 family, A330/340, A380.
    • Support to the integrated team: within a product approach (without purchaser) at safety level DAL D, this team hasn’t knowledge of avionics constraints for qualification (DO160E) and certification (DO254 and DO178B).
    • Hardware and software specification for some equipments

    Labege 2006 - 2008 Project management on supplied products in aeronautic domain
    • Writing of Technical Proposal
    • Operational Management of a dedicated team for Airbus SW (30 pers.):
    o Eurogiciel’s representative within the consortium managing this team
    o Workload plans analysis
    o Resources management and allocation for production optimization
    • Project management on Open world’s applications for A330/A340 and A380 (6 to 10 pers.):
    o Data loading for applications Flight Smart
    o Email communication inter-applications and ground / on-board
    o Repository of parameters inter-applications and avionics
    o API for Log and Trace
    o Virtual Core Software of laptops for crew and maintenance teams
    o HMI used as entry point for Flight Smart applications
    • Support and contribution to the CMMi approach for Eurogiciel company: producing of guidelines for methods and tools in order to raise maturity level 2 with some capacities at level 3.
    • Consultant and expert on avionics systems:
    o Mission for a Canadian system provider around technologies based on IMA and Arind 653 standards; validation of the technical approach and definition of a reference model for estimation of software workload.

    Labege 2004 - 2006 Project management on supplied products in aeronautic domain
    • Writing of Technical Proposal
    • Management of technical teams (2 to 8 pers.):
    o Supplied task delegation for THALES Avionics on MACS2
    o Supplied task delegation for THALES Communication ON DRA Quality
    • Project management:
    o Driver Ethernet (DO178B DAL A) on MACS2 for THALES Avionics
    o Simulator of representative traffic load for NSS applications
    o Protocol Bridge AFDX/MIL1553
    o Traffic generator AFDX and ETHERNET for A380 SCI
    o Tests automation with Mercury tool

    Labege 2001 - 2004 For SAGEM DS
    Multi-targets tracking; signal processing, carrier referential change
    • Specification, design, development and verification of the core software for an electronic card embedded in the sights.
    • Development of BSP and configuration of the embedded operating system
    • Support of the electronic designer for the devices of a dual processor card
    • Design and development of the abstract virtual machine for communication links and shared resources between processors

    • Specification, design, development and verification of the software embedded on the card dedicated to management of the interfaces and real time beat of the bench.
    • Development of the drivers for digital interfaces: UART, HDLC, VME, 1553, discrete and analogical.
    • Validation of all software composing the bench.
    • Participation in acceptance of sights’ equipments.
    • Installation and awareness session to end users



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