En résumé

Supply Chain Manager
Houston, TX 77072


  • CGGVeritas Houston Office - Supply Chain Manager

    2011 - maintenant Based in Houston Office
    Implement CGGVeritas Marine Supply Chain Model - Purchasing / Procurement / Logistics
  • CGGVeritas - Supply Chain Project

    Paris 2009 - 2011 Lead project to deploy Global Marine Supply Chain Strategy and Organization further to 2 major acquisitions (Veritas - US / Wavefield - Norway)
    •Goals: Align processes and organization in the 4 regions where Supply Chain centers and teams are operating (Norway, France, Singapore, US)
    •Scope: From Purchase Request issuing to delivery of products to the Vessels
    •Main Steps of the Project:
    - Valuate customers needs through interviews
    - Valuate Information System tools used
    - Analyze Work Load and Cost
    - Organize Seminar with Local Supply Chain Managers to introduce results and highlight critical action points for an efficient Supply Chain Model
    - Validate Strategy internally (Management and Supply chain Managers)
    - Deploy Strategy: Communicate to internal and external employees / Update - Develop Information System / Train People / Update procedures / Set indicators for activity, performance and cost (customer satisfaction, Procurement, Warehouse and Logistics)
    - Award new logistics Provider in France: Draft invitation for tender / Challenge competitors / Award
  • CGGVeritas - Supply Chain Manager

    Paris 2007 - 2009 In charge of Supplies for the Vessels operating in EAME
    •Manage a Team of 9 employees including Buyers and Logisticians and administrate the Service
    •Visit customers to valuate efficiency of the Supply chain department and collect points to be improved
    •Set Service Level Agreement with our internal clients to formalize responsibilities and improve efficiency of the Supply Chain Department
    •Identify and list critical items for the operations with technical departments (critical requests to be treated in first priority and daily tracked)
    •Interface with vendors to improve delivery process (lead time, packaging, documentations)
    •Challenge freight forwarders for regular freight routes and important shipments
    •Set Indicators to follow the performance and workload of the service
  • CGGVeritas - Crew Manager

    Paris 2001 - 2005 Responsibilities :
    •Manage the overall project on site (Production, Lead time, Cost control, QHSE)
    •Manage relationships with Client Representative, Subcontractors and local Authorities
    •Identify and deploy the Human and Equipments resources to reach production and QHSE goals
    •Supervise and coordinate operations in the field, identify issues and opportunities of improvements
    •Follow subcontractors performance (Lead time, QHSE)
    •Lead Operation meeting, HSE meeting and drill, Audits/Inspections
  • IRD - Ecuador - Voluntary Service Overseas

    1998 - 2000 Volcanic risks Assessment