Gérault BAYLE


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Embedded Systems
Budget management
Risk management
Project Management
Configuration management


  • Airbus Group - A380 Product Offer Manager

    Blagnac 2015 - maintenant I am accountable for the product offer definition and customization catalogue management for A380 program. I gather and look forward all opportunities to improve the A380 offer (marketing, engineering, cross-program and supplier). I also provide the necessary inputs to customization Tools, such as layout Tools.

    Dimension: Cabin domain, interfaced with Engineering, Contract/Marketing and Cabin definition teams
  • Airbus Group - A380 Industrial Integrator

    Blagnac 2015 - 2015 I am responsible for managing the industrial impacts when new A/C modification is accepted. I am also in charge of coordinating stakeholders when out of sequence work in FAL is required.

    Dimension: French systems, interfaced with Procurement, Supplier, Engineering, FAL, SupplyChain
  • Airbus - Multi Programme Project (MPP) Programme Manager

    Blagnac 2013 - 2014 I am responible for Time, Cost, Quality and Performance of the Airbus Test Center MPP activities:
    - Definition and accountable for Test center Activities and Deliverables
    - Definition and re-assessing of Airbus Operation Plan (budget Risk&Opps)
    - Management of Risks and Opportunities
    - Management of communication flow between Test Center, Design Office and Programme

    Dimension: Many Programme interaction, mainly French activities.
    The average yearly budget is 7.5M€
  • Airbus - Single Ailse NEO WorkPackage Leader System Testing

    Blagnac 2011 - 2014 Accountable for delivering on time, cost, quality and performance: Statement of Work, Test strategy definition, Planning and forecast set up, Technical and financial follow up and Reports to Program Organisation.
    The workpackage covers NEO Systems lab test (preparation, execution and analysis) and flight test analysis (Air, AutoPilot, Flight Management, Communication, Electric system, Flight Controls, Landing gear, Fuel, Cockpit systems, etc.)

    Dimension: transnational environment with UK teams (Fuel & Landing Gear), GE teams (Highlift, Air system, Cabin system) and FR teams.
    The Cost at Completion is 10M€ through 4 years.
  • Airbus - Domain Program Coordinator

    Blagnac 2011 - 2014
  • Airbus - A380 Maintenance&Flight Operation systems Integration Test Project Leader

    Blagnac 2008 - 2011 Manage the A380 Maintenance&Flight Operations systems project focusing on the testing strategy, test preparation, execution and report in accordance with the quality, lead-time and cost at completion. Review the test report and participate to the Supplier Delivery Reviews.

    Organise a sharing of lab test activities with Airbus India on a virtual platform (definition of the platform, identification of the coverage through back-to-back tests, definition of an organisation and way of working...)

    Dimension per year: 8,5 internal resources, 50'000 hours subcontracted, 4M€ (resources and procurement), more than 200 PartNumbers between onboard and on ground (HW and SW).
  • Airbus - A400M Flight Warning and Digital Map systems Integration Task Leader

    Blagnac 2004 - 2008 Manage the definition of the testing strategy, the definition and validation of the test means, the preparation of the test activities, the follow-up of the supplier testing activities (Strategy, means definition, V&V activities, limitations...), the test campaign execution, the investigation and follow-up of the flight tests activity, the tests reports.