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Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Inspection Wellhead
Inspection Drilling
Inspection Equipements O&G
Suivi et pilotage SMQ
Inspection Vannes
Gestion Management TPE
Inspection Portuaire


  • QUINEX SARL - Directeur opérationnel

    TEYRAN 2006 - maintenant QUINEX SARL Manager from 2006 to now.

    Creation of the company (15 employees), recruitment, client researches and contact, managing. 1650KE of turnover.


    2009 : Auditor / Lead auditor training course. IRCA recognized training sessions.

    2007 Up to now: Inspector agreed by total for inspection of valves and Wellhead.

    2004 Up to now: NON-EXCLUSIVE Lloyd inspector.

    2003 Up to now: NON-EXCLUSIVE DNV inspector.

    1999 Up to now: Inspector agreed by ARAMCO OVERSEAS COMPANY for inspection of valves and Wellhead.( monitor inspector on several projects) SAP N°70000212.

    • QM07 Valves (04)
    • QM08 Fittings (03)
    • QM42 Wellhead Equipment (45)

    From 1998 to now

    Quality Inspector and Expeditor for Freelance activities, then for QUINEX,
    and QUINEX SARL – Manager of QUINEX (Quinex was the name of of Gildas Pasquet inspection and expediting activities from 2005 translated in the limited company QUINEX SARL in Februray 2006.

    Material inspected and expedited:


    - BOP, BOP stacks, diverters, risers: CAMERON (Beziers)
    - Cryogenic Butterfly Valves for LNG carriers : AMRI KSB (La Roche Chalais).
    - Wellhead/Xmas trees: CAMERON (Beziers)
    - Water Injection trees: CAMERON (Beziers)
    - Gate valves: CAMERON (Beziers).
    - Heat exchangers CMP ARLES (ALFA LAVAL PACKINOX exchanger), ALFA LAVAL VICARB.
    - Forging collars and bulkheads (Forgital/FMDL France resident inspection).
    - Risers. MTI (Decazeville)
    - Ball valves, split bodies, top entry and full welded: TYCO FLOW CONTROL(Vitrolles, Saint-Juery)/SRI (Marseille)/SBV (Vitrolles) & CAMERON (Beziers before 2006), Colves (China)
    - Ball Valves defect expertising: GAS du SUD OUEST Lussagnet plant.
    - Globe Valves SERC AUDCO (UK)
    - SS/CS Fittings and coated pipes: LA PHOCEENNE. (Vitrolles)
    - Alu-Steel Clads: NOBELCLAD (Perpignan).
    - PTFE coating – FLUOROCARBON (UK).
    - Molecular sieves, Ceramic balls: PROTOCATALYSE/AXENS(Salindres).
    - Refinery various piping material: BOCCARD (Berre)
    - SS pipes: TUBACEX. (Bilbao),
    - Cs Pipes: MATFOR (Pau), TENARIS DALMINE (3 monthes for AKPO-SAIPEM)
    - Aluminium bars: Aluminium Pechiney (Lannemezan).
    - Aluminim HPD Systems: Aluminium Pechiney (Gardanne).
    - Desalination Unit: ESAC (Saint Loup sur Semouse)
    - Deshydrater/Heat Exhangers. CMP (Arles)/CDR (St Clair de Rhone).
    - Nitrogen generator. Fluid services. (Toulouse)
    - Core Bits. Varel Europe (Tarbes)


    - Follow up of Ring Main Units enclosure . AREVA (Fabregues 34)
    - FAT of Non intrusive P&T transmitters. Cybernetix (Marseille)
    - F.A.T on Anchor leg load monitoring system. Cybernetix (Marseille)
    - F.A.T on Disconnectors, Earthing Switches, Circuit Breakers, Control Cubicle in AREVA (Aix les Bains)
    - F.A.T on LOAD MONITORING SYSTEM and its control cubicle. AREVA (Lattes)
    - Control Panels : COMECA (Saint mathieu de Treviers)
    - Sludge Centrifuge Unit in ANDRITZ (Chateauroux)
    - F.A.T on Completes Solars Aray including control panels and batteries – TENESOL (Lyon)
    - *Projectionnist IMAX 3D 70mm/15 system on Imax geant screen 18m highth.(Duration 20 months including 1 month of training session).Insuring the daily/weekly/monthly maintenance of Imax 3D system. Changing of the both 15KW Xenon lamps with water cooling.
    - *Projectionist 35mm/4 classic sytem in GAUMONT Multiplexe Montpellier.(duration 4 monthes including 1 month of training session.)
    - *Projectionist of a Vistavision system 35mm/8 for IMAX RIDEFILM theatre.(Duration 12 months including 1 month of training session).Insuring the daily/weekly/monthly maintenance of show projector and Hydraulic system (Gas over oil system 2000psi moving on 3 axes in synchronized motion). Changing of the 2.5 kW Xenon lamps .

    5 weeks experience of Stock Film Manager of International Film Market during the whole Festival de Cannes in May 2005, (605 prints, 1700 projections during 11days).