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Mes compétences :
MATLAB & Simulink
CANdela Studio 8.5


  • Getrag - Software Developer

    2013 - maintenant - Analysis and discussion about customer requirements (BMW, Daimler, Renault, Brilliance...) and supplier requirements (Bosch)
    - Update of DBC & CDD file for the creation of an updated CAN stack
    - Implementation of the communication (CAN) and the diagnostic (OBD & UDS) interface of the transmission software
    - Integration, test and validation of new functions on test bench, on HIL and/or in vehicle

    Technical Environment: Automotive engineering (Dual Clutch Transmission), Software development (MATLAB & Simulink and C/C++) and Communication protocols (CAN and OBD/UDS)
    Tools: MATLAB & Simulink, Notepad++, GENy, CANalyser, CANdela Studio 8.5, INCA, MDA, DOORS, MKS and ARAS Alm
  • ITK Engineering AG - Master - Software developer

    2012 - 2013 Implementation of a model to calculate the consumption of an electric car in function of the ride, the weather and the traffic

    - Development of a model of an electric car (Simulink)
    - Development of a mathematic model to calculate the consumption of an electric car on the ride in function of the weather and the traffic (MATLAB)
    - Development of a GUI to calibrate the calculation and to show the possibility to join the destination (GUI MATLAB)
    - Tests and validation of the environment with a real electric car (Opel Ampera)
    - Documentation of the complete environment (LateX)

    Technical Environment: Automotive engineering, Software development, Electro-Mobility, Application Programming Interface (API) and RSS Feed message format
    Tools: MATLAB & Simulink, OpenStreetMap (Nominatim), CloudMade (NavEngine and OpenWeatherMap)
  • BMW - Internship - Software Developer

    Munich 2011 - 2011 Optimization of an automatic test bench for Flex-Ray transceivers

    - Training in the CAN, LIN and Flex-Ray technic
    - Electronic optimization of the automatic test bench
    - Software update of available tests and writing of new tests (LabVIEW)
    - Test and validation of the software and the test bench
    - Documentation of the functional behavior of the automatic test bench

    Technical Environment: Electronics (Flex-Ray) and Informatics (LabVIEW and HTML)
    Tools: LabVIEW, MS-Office, MS-Visio and Adobe Photoshop CS6


  • Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik Und Wirtschaft (Karlsruhe)

    Karlsruhe 2011 - 2013 Master in Mechanic and Mechatronic
  • INSA Strasbourg

    Strasbourg 2009 - 2013 Master in Mechatronic


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