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My career in Telecommunication field started in 1982 in Zaire where I was in charge to install a Microwave Network and associated infrastructure for KPTC Operator.

In 1983, I left Zaire for a 6 years project of microwave equipments in Kenya with solar & diesel energie, building, road and pylone infrastructures.

As a technical manager, I deployed Microwave turnkey project for varoious costumers in many countries.

In 1993 I worked as an International trainer in Paris and technical expert to represent the company during abroad meeting.

In 1997, I decided to continue my study at University in an Engineer School for 2 years.

In 1999, I worked at CSTelecom as a Sale Engineer responsible to develop business in Eastern and Central Europe.

I leave the company in late 2000 to follow at the Crandfield University in UK a Master course in Mechanical of Fluid.

In 2002, I got a Post as an Account Manager in Telecommunication in software field at Fortel International.

In 2003/2004, I worked on my own as an Independant Telecom consultant for 2 years.

I joined SIAE France Company in 2005 as a Project Manager in South Est and South West of France.

Mes compétences :


  • SIAE France - Chef de Projet

    2005 - 2009 1)Operational Site Manager.
    Responsable for implementation of the transmission network of SDH and PDH microwave equipment in South Est, South West of France and North Africa. I manage 15 Sub-contractors.

    2) Trainer. I am in charge of the courses development and responsible for the training of our client and Sub-contractors in France and abroad, in the use of telecommunication equipment (microwave, ADM and Management system).

    Vodafone Romania and Turmenistan,
    In Morocco:
    Royal Navy, Ministère de l'intérieur, Sicotel.
    in Milano: Tunisian Army,
    In Paris:
    Graniou, Spie, Dalkia, TDF, SFR, Snef, Sogetrel, Alphacom,

    3) Preparation of the Engineering Project and Frequency Plan for SFR, Bouygues Telecom and North Africa

    4) Technical Expertise.

    5) Technical sale Engineer. Preparation of turnkey solution during RFI/P.
    SFR,Bouygues Telecoms, Morocco: Royal Navy, ONEP, Ministère de l'Interieur.

    6) Responsible on site for the deployment of Long Haul Radio System SDH 2(3+1), SDH 1+1, PDH 32E1 + Etrhenet and multiplexer in Microwave projects with their associated infrastructure.
    South West of France, Corsica and Morocco
  • Adour InTelFor International - Owner

    2004 - 2005 Field Activities:
    - Telecom and Software Project Adviser (Bouygues Telecom, Fujitsu, Fortel International...).
    - Trainer (for Sagem in France, Indonesia, Ouzbekistan).
    - Wood Reseller (Romania, Italia, England).
  • Fortel International - International Sales Director

    2003 - maintenant I was in charge to develop the Buisness in software environment.
    My role consited to get contract as sub contractor for software services within Banks, Aeronotics and Telecommunication companies, and selected ingeneers to do those projects with Individual Recruitment.
  • CSTelecom - International Sale Engineer

    1998 - 2000 Business Development and Sales Local Loop and Data
    Development and management of customer relationship
    Turn arround and development of business
    Contract negotiation and supervision
    Radio Digital Transmission equipments for Central and Eastern Europe.
  • SAGEM - Technical Manager

    PARIS 1997 - 1998 Microwave Project in Colombia, Indonesia and Philippines.
  • SAGEM - Trainer

    PARIS 1993 - 1996 1) I was in charge to develop and hold theoritical and practical training courses concerning PDH microwave, propagation with performance calcalution, Multiplexeur, voices equipments, remote control management, signaling equipment and optical fibers systems.

    2) I was involve in Technical Response during RFI/P process.

    Our clients: British Navy Army Hong Kong, China Telecom Benjin and Yunan, Indonesian Telecom at Djakarta, Brezilian Operator at Curitiba and Goiana, Frenche Army, Cihina Army, Conackry Guinean operator, Vanuatu with Cable and Wirless...
  • SAT - Operation Manager

    1981 - 1993 Operation Manager on site for Microwave, Optical Fiber, Cables, Solar and diesel energies.

    Africa 12years: Kenya, Mauritius, Maroc, Algéeria, Sénégal, Rwanda, Conackry Guinee, Gambia, Zaïre.

    Other counties 4 years: China, Indonesia, Philppines, Ouzbekistan, Brésil, Colombia, Romania,


  • Cranfield University (Cranfield Bedford)

    Cranfield Bedford 2000 - 2001 Master CAD/CAM/CAO

    Master of Science

    Blanquefort 1997 - 1999 ingénieur Généraliste Option Telecomubications

    ingénieur Généraliste Option Telecomubications


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