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Ingénieur IoT dans le ferroviaire.


  • Ausy - Ingénieur IoT

    Technique | Tours (37000) 2019 - maintenant
  • Pcci (France) (Paris) - Embedded Systems Engineer

    2016 - 2019 Embedded systems engineer for one of the leaders of the French IoT market. Hardware and Software. Specialised in ARM micro-controllers, Bluetooth Low Energy and SIGFOX communication protocols.
  • ESME-Sudria - Embedded System Project

    2014 - 2014 Design of a digital optical sensor to measure a LED’s luminosity.

    This Embedded systems project lasted 4 months at the end of which the result of the project work was presented to a committee. There were two other students working with me on this project.
    This design used an 8 bit PIC micro-controller which meant that a good knowledge of MPLAB was necessary in order to program the chip.
    All the components had to be chosen according to the desired performances and functions of the sensor. The sensor had to posses a mean of being plugged into a computer in order to analyse the data from the measures.
    Also the man-machine interface had to be carefully thought of. The interface used a lcd display and buttons to allow the user to use the different options of the sensor. These options were do measures, save the data on a computer and reset the sensor.
  • Cape-Europe Ltd - CAD Designer

    2012 - 2012 3D design of a ventilation system in a Medical Research Laboratory using Solidworks.
  • Les Trèfles - STAJ Touraine - Maison des Lutins - Activity Leader

    2010 - 2013 Activity leader during school holidays for groups of up to 24 children from 3 to 12 years old.

    Involves finding suitable activities for all the children, preparing the activities with other activity leaders (teamwork), using your imagination and your creativity to find original activities, being legally responsible of the group of children, organising the daily schedule (activities, meals, free times) and short camps (usually 4 days).

    I worked in three different French centers :

    Centre Social Les Trèfles, La Chartre sur le Loir.
    STAJ Touraine, Theillay.
    Maison des Lutins, Montoire sur le Loir.


  • Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh)

    Edinburgh 2013 - 2013 Semester abroad. Courses : Business, Embedded Systems, Electromechanical, Signals and Systems.
  • ESME SUDRIA, Engineering School

    Ivry Sur Seine 2012 - 2016 Engineer

    Msc Diploma. Subjects: Energy and Embedded Systems.
  • Lycée Descartes

    Tours 2010 - 2012 Preparatory Classes in Physics and Engineering Sciences.
  • Lycée Racan

    Chateau Du Loir 2007 - 2010