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Despite his broad educational background and analytical skills gained in investment management and private equity, colleagues see his main strengths in charismatic leadership and inspirational team management where he has the ability to federate and motivate people from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic levels around common objectives.

As a versatile generalist who has a good understanding of all of the aspects of the complex social system that is a company with several hundred staff, he has added significantly to his experience of management in challenging environments over the last couple of years. The bank he currently manages focuses on servicing MSMEs thereby improving access to finance in Liberia. Africa is his favoured continent.

He believes that working hard and focusing on results come all the way easier in an environment of trust and in a positive and energising atmosphere where people (including himself :-) ) love to come to work.

The ability to identify and focus on priorities, common sense, capacity to ask questions, listen, understand and learn quickly, good knowledge of IT, administration with its many pitfalls, organisation, diplomacy despite determination to drive things forward are also part of his skill set. Colleagues and partners also appreciate his resilience to stress and negotiation skills where he works consistently to achieve win-win situations.

Good and open communication is the foundation of efficient team work and organisational resilience. Problems should be seen as opportunities to grow and strengths used to build upon and inspire.

Oliver generally invests significant amounts of his time to build and enhance management capacity in the organisation. It takes a strong team to achieve great results.

Please don't hesitate to contact Oliver. He is always happy to meet new people, provide information or exchange.

Mes compétences :
Capital Risque
Direction générale


  • AccessBank Liberia - PDG

    2011 - maintenant Manage the banks' growth towards profitability in a challenging post war environment as head of a multicultural team:

    Elaborate the growth oriented business strategy with management team and board of directors

    Manage the largest employer in the financial sector in a challenging environment of a small post conflict economy and quickly evolving regulatory environment;

    Liaise with public authorities, shareholders, clients and lenders;

    Represent the bank in bodies like the Liberian Bankers’ association, the Liberian Chamber of Commerce and stakeholder conferences;

    Enhance the organisational structure in view of strong headcount growth and network expansion;

    Implement and supervise the internal control mechanisms and measures to contain relevant types of risk;

    Hire, promote, train and motivate key staff;

    Supervise the design and implementation of suitable remuneration packages and the company’s salary structure;

    Control costs, reduce start-up losses and ultimately reach profitability
  • O.F.I.S. - Directeur General Adjoint

    2009 - 2010 Mission to elaborate and improve the hierarchical and process organisation of the company; supervise the administration and accounting, enhance the use of the ERP and prepare to introduce cost accounting and treasury management, introduce performance metrics, improve the relationship with banks and other partners of the company, head work groups on different subjects such as bonus schemes and procurement, enhance the cooperation with clients and public authorities
  • Althenor Capital - Partner

    2004 - 2009 Develop short and long term investment strategies, conduct technical, fundamental analysis and the conception of mathematical indicators; take and liquidate long and short positions; participate in consulting missions
  • French National Reserve Fund FRR (detached from CDC) - Investment Director Equity Investments

    2002 - 2004 Conduct research and issue recommendations on asset allocation and investment strategy; supervise invitations to tender, participate in the layout of the IT structure and the hiring of the team, create a business plan, reporting schedules
  • CDC Participations - Investment Director

    1998 - 2002 Successively manage two portfolios of late stage venture capital and European value stocks and LBOs, choose the investments and evaluate companies, analyse business-models; negotiate deals and the legal aspects of the latter; responsible for investments in the USA, Scandinavia, Germany and Spain; represent CDC Participations on the board of portfolio companies
  • Credit Agrigole Indosuez (CACIB) - Senior Credit Research Analyst

    1997 - 1998 Build the activity, develop the methodology and conduct financial and credit risk analysis on the trading floor of the bank, decide investment recommendations, conduct and publish research reports issued to institutional clients, participate in road shows
  • Banque Indosuez (CACIB) - Credit Risk Analyst

    1995 - 1997 Analyse the credit risk of corporate banking clients, present findings to bank directors in the credit committee, liaise between bank directors and corporate clients, direc



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