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  • Terraseis - HSE advisor

    2014 - maintenant HSE advisor / TERRASEIS
    Seismic Crew 256 SAFEN 2D_KURDISTAN_IRAQ_Mountains_ Vibroseis &Explosives (Client: TOTAL).

    • Act as the Custodian of the project specific HSEQ documentation.
    • Provide high quality, timely advice concerning all HSEQ activities to Project Managers, Line Managers and field personnel including subcontractors and visitors.
    • Promote company and industry best practice in all HSEQ activities.
    • Facilitate effective communication of HSEQ issues to all staff and contractors.
    • Work to continuously improve the Company HSEQ culture and develop a proactive safety attitude in the workforce.
    • Ensure documentation and reports are generated, communicated and submitted in a timely manner.
    • Present HSE awareness issues to all personnel to augment knowledge and competency.
    • Develop project specific HSEQ Plans based on the requirements of the corporate HSEQ MS and client requirements.
    • Develop and implement project specific risk/hazard assessment and Emergency Response Plan.
    • Develop and present orientations & inductions for all personnel including subcontractors and visitors.
    • Facilitate HSEQ training for employees and contractors to ensure safe and competent operations. Deliver training at the project level that meets the requirements of the Project HSEQ Plan. In coordination with Corporate Training function, provide alternative training when requirements extend beyond own training abilities.
    • Investigate and follow up on incidents and significant near misses to determine root causes and recommend actions/procedures to prevent reoccurrence and time frames for reporting are followed.
    • Participate in and contribute to daily management, production & operation meetings ensuring HSEQ topics are discussed and documented.
    • Complete HSEQ daily statistics report and provide to project and HSEQ management as scheduled.
    • Complete monthly and end of project reports including statistical summation & analysis.
    • Maintain all hard & soft copy HSEQ documentation in an organized and professional manner.
    • Update the action Point Register (APR) daily and submit to project and HSEQ management once per week.
    • Provide direct supervision for the HSEQ personnel assigned to the project such as HSEQ Officers, Road Safety Instructor, Quality Coordinators, and Environmental Coordinators.
    • Conduct emergency drills to verify that all personnel possess satisfactory ERP knowledge. Ensure that the ERP is communicated to all employees and contractors and is updated as required
    • Other duties as directed by the HSEQ Department leadership team.
    • Conduct frequent visits to crew operations in the field to ensure HSEQ management system is adhered to and promote increased HSEQ awareness.
    • Ensure the sharing and transfer of job knowledge and skills to others such as employees in training, local nationals, colleagues, direct reports etc.
  • GGFZ Gulf Geophysical free zone - HSE Advisor

    2013 - 2014 Senior HSE advisor / GGFZCO through FrontierMedex.

    Seismic Crew 8637B BETWATA 2D_KURDISTAN_IRAQ_Mountains_ Vibroseis&Explosives (Client: EXXONMOBIL).

    • Overall responsibility for assisting in the implementation of the HS&E Project Execution Plan for the work site.
    • Enhance the management of personnel health and safety, employees, and contractors that is critical to continuous improvement in HS&E performance.
    • Verify that all project personnel are fully conversant with the specific HS&E Project Execution Plan, including related HS&E instructions, environmental and Sustainable Development commitments.
    • Continuously monitors the work environment, especially for work performed under specific Permit to Work requirements.
    • Communicate appropriate HS&E related information on an accurate and timely basis to the work force.
    • Support or lead hazard identification exercises.
    • Participates in regular HS&E meetings with the view to discussing HS&E concerns and actions common to all.
    • Assist supervision and management in conducting incident investigations.
    • Encourage overall hazard identification and reporting as well as immediate reporting of all incidents and Near Miss incidents by all site personnel.
    • Ensure appropriate orientation or other training for personnel commencing employment in compliance with the specific HS&E Project Execution.
    • Ensure the display and dissemination of HS&E material suitable for toolbox topics or other project meetings.
    • Organizes and issues daily/monthly HS&E reports as required.
  • BGP INC Algeria - HSE Advisor

    2009 - 2012 HSE advisor / BGP INTERNATIONAL ALGERIA.
    Seismic Crew 8618 ELBORMA3D_ALGERIA_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: SONAHESS).
    Seismic Crew 8618 METLILI3D_ALGERIA_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: CNPC).
    Seismic Crew 8618 ABADLA2D_ALGERIA_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: SONATRACH).
    Seismic Crew 8618 GTFT3D_ALGERIA_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: GTFT TOTAL).
    Seismic Crew 8618 GGT3D_ALGERIA_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: RosneftStroyTransGas Sonatrach).
    Seismic Crew 8618 MENZEL LEDJMET_ALGERIA 3D Vibroseis (Client: Sonatrach).

    • Responsible for all HSE administration work.
    • Conduct regular inspections and audits.
    • Ensure that Safety Procedures and Instructions are complied with.
    • Co-ordinate and monitor the "Permit to Work" system.
    • Conduct safety exercises, musters and drills.
    • Organize, undertake and participate in safety meetings and safety lectures in accordance with the fixed programme approved by the management.
    • Maintain accurate and organized records of all safety related equipment certification and ensure, that items are inspected; surveyed, calibrated, tested etc. in good time ensuring that certification is maintained current.
    • Investigate all incidents and accidents to initially make the area safe and then to determine cause.
    • Maintain orderly files of safety reports, correspondence and documents.
  • BGP INC - HSE assistant

    2005 - 2008 HSE Assistant / BGP INTERNATIONAL ALGERIA.
    Seismic Crew 8618 ROUDE NOS_ALGERIA 3D_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: REPSOL).
    Seismic Crew 8618 HAMRA_ALGERIA 3D_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: REPSOL).
    Seismic Crew 8618 HASSI R’mel_ALGERIA 3D_Gobi&Mountains_ Vibroseis (Client: SONATRACH).
    Seismic Crew 8635A IN SALAH_ALGERIA 3D_Desert_ Vibroseis (Client: BP).

    • Translate documents from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English and French.
    • Interpretation for meeting and staff training.
    • Check safety equipments, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors on a regular basis.
    • Download drive rights on a regular basis.
    • Conduct induction training to new employees.
    • Carry out vehicle compliance check and ensure Contractor vehicles are timely maintained.
    • Carry out regular checks on personnel PPE’s and give site induction for new personnel.


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