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  • Atlas International Engineering Consultants - Mechanical Engineer Consultant

    2010 - 2010 As Consulting Engineer for various new electrical power station projects, monitoring the contractors’ mechanical, electrical and safety works, mentioning their progress according to terms. The reports deported to Government, precisely to RAECO (Rural Areas Electricity Company) governmental organism.
  • SAKMO INVEST (diesel engines manufacturer) - Process production and Devlopment Manager

    2004 - 2007 Dates : May 2004 - March 2007
    Company Name : Société Tunisienne de Fabrication de Moteurs Diesel
    Company Industry : Manufacturing and Production
    Position in Company : Production and development Manager
    Job Role/Department : Management
    Address : Sakiet S.Y. - 7120, Tunisia
    Work Description : Managing a team of 85 employees
    Material handling
    Assembly lines and engines room test
    Improving polyvalence of the production
    technicians (workshop and assembly lines)
    Launching new products
  • SOTUCAM (automotive rubber parts manufacturer) - Technical and Purchasing Manager

    2003 - 2004 Dates: February 2003 - April 2004
    Company Name: Société Tunisienne deCaoutchoucManufacturé
    (SOTUCAM) (Rubber parts manufacturer)
    Company Industry: Manufacturing and Production
    Position in Company: Technical and purchasing Manager
    Job Role/Department: Management
    Address : El Kef - 7100, Tunisia
    Work Description: Managing a team of 50 employees
    Leading process production and engineering
    Launching new products
    Extending production with starting up a workshop
    for rubber part metallic insert
    Diversifying purchasing resources
  • MECROMA (italian company in Reggio-Emilia) - North Africa marketing Manager

    1997 - 2002 Dates: January 1997 -December 2002
    Company Name: MECROMA
    Company activity: Business
    Position in Company : North Africa marketing Manager
    Job Role/Department: Marketing
    Address: Via Carlo Cafiero, 2/C 42100 Reggio
    Emilia - Italy
    Work Description: Direct marketing
    Market prospecting
    Organizing exhibitions and fairs
  • SAKMO (diesel engines manufacturer) - Process production, Maintenance, Purchasing Manager

    1987 - 1997 Dates : February 1987 - January 1997
    Company Name: Société Maghrébine de Fabrication de Moteurs Diesel

    Company Industry : Manufacturing and Production
    Position in Company:Maintenance Supervisor 02/1987 - 03/1989
    Workshop supervisor 03/1989 - 09/1993
    Purchasing/subcontracting Manager 09/1993 - 01/1997
    Job Role/Department:Process production and Maintenance, Purchasing
    Address : Sakiet S.Y. - 7120, Tunisia
    Work Description: Following setting up site equipments: reception
    control (workshop engines assembly lines and auxiliary machines)control (workshop engines assembly lines and auxiliary machines)
    control (workshop engines assembly lines and auxiliary machines)
    Building maintenance (types, procedures, documentations and team training)
    Launching engines parts production (Workshop lines)
    Leading Purchasing and subcontracting
  • Imm - General Motors Tunisie - Production, Maintenance and Security Paint shop Suprvisor

    1984 - 1987 Dates: October 1984 - February 1986
    Company Name: General Motors - Tunisia
    Company Industry: Automotive
    Position in Company: Paint shop production, maintenance and security supervisor
    Job Role/Department : Technology
    Address : Kairouan, Tunisia
    Work Description : Following equipment reception control and installation
    Recruitment and training of Team works (production, maintenance and security)
    Leading of the paint shop production, maintenance and security
  • Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation CTN (Transport Maritime) - Engineer Officer

    1979 - 1984 Dates : August 1979 - September 1984
    Company Name : Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation
    (CTN) (Marine transportation)
    Company Industry : Marine Transportation
    Position in Company : Engineer Officer
    Job Role/Department : Technology
    Address : Tunis, Tunisia
    Work Description : Leading, driving repair, manage warehouse …


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