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Jacques Macaire is born June 13, 1959 in Greenville, Mississippi USA. After having participated for over 20 years, to the growth of many design firms, he met in 1995, a group of colleagues and friends in Paris to discuss opportunities to put the human at the center of our concerns.. They then decided to take up the challenge by creating HUMANBE, a non-profit association, and borrowed as a symbol of their new visual identity, the human, thus affirming their reference and their loyalty to humanity.

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Mes compétences :
Développement durable
Sustainable development
Économie sociale et solidaire


  • EURO AIRSHIP - Development Manager

    maintenant Developed brand strategy and generated new development for a new company which is creating a NEW GENERATION OF RIGID AIRSHIPS..
  • HUMANBE - Founder and Direction

    Rosny sous Bois 1995 - maintenant Since its creation, the HUMANBE's mission is to change individual and collective behavior of humans through the implementation of concrete and sustainable solutions. Recognized as an organization working to build a more humane society, HUMANBE makes a real change in making every effort to build awareness of our interdependence.

    Present on social networks like FACEBOOK and TWITTER, HUMANBE also promotes the emergence of dynamic with the actors of our society (business, school, association, public...) and has the responsibility to form multidisciplinary and international teams involved in strategic thinking upstream to the operational implementation, in the following areas :

    Mission Zero
    Strategy of Dematerialization
    Charter of engagement
    Eco-design, green architecture and events
    Project support and assistance in seeking funding
    Simulation of sustainable future
    Global Co-Branding
    Limited Editions


  • École Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Appliqués Et Des Métiers D'Art ENSAAMA (Paris)

    Paris 1981 - 1985 Industrial Design


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