Jean-Charles VIGO


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Mes compétences :
Travaux Publics
Upstream Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil & Gas
Deepwater Drilling
environment management
cause tree analysis
Tubing Hangers
Petroleum Products
Open hole management
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel
Jackup Rigs
High Voltage
Ensuring preparation
Directional Drilling
Construction sites management
Construction site
Coiled Tubing


  • Total - Drilling Engineer

    COURBEVOIE 2014 - maintenant
  • Total - Drilling and Completion Supervisor

    COURBEVOIE 2013 - 2014 Total's Exploration & Production is a branch of the French multinational oil company. The drilling
    GABON - Offshore department of Gabon's affiliate is in charge of two jack-up rigs.

    Drilling and Completion Supervisor on board the EDC/MAERSK Setty jack up located on Anguille field / AGMN
    platform (field redevelopment project phase III). In charge during the night of the safe, environmentally respectful,
    proper and efficient course of ongoing and upcoming operations by:
    - Ensuring preparation of equipment, instructions and personnel ;
    - Ensuring company rules implementation ;
    - Taking leadership on site
    - Reporting.
    Type of operations:
    - Drilling: splitter / single wells ; top holes to reservoir drilling ; motors / RSS ; WBM / NABM ; deviated wells
    S types ; sidetracks ; surface casing and liners cement job,
    - Completion: water / gaz injection wells ; producer wells ;
    - Intervention: slickline ; wireline ; fishing ; back off ; perforations ; casing cut ; cement plugs ;
    - Surface Well Head / XTree: splitter wells ; single wells ;
    - SIMOPS: production & drilling.
  • Total - Rig Engineer

    COURBEVOIE 2012 - 2013 TOTAL - Exploration&Production - Deep Water Drilling / TEP
    (1 year) The production in the country makes of Nigeria the first contributing country for the productions of the
    NIGERIA - Offshore
    Total group. The deep water drilling department was in charge of three drillships.
    Rig Engineer on board the Transocean Jack Ryan drillship located on Akpo production field involved in drilling,
    completion and intervention operations in ultra deepwater environment:
    - Rig and operations performance: Fill-in daily performances database / Initiate technical proposals and
    lessons learnt capture for performances improvement through detailed performance analysis and by
    leading debriefing meetings with service companies, drilling contractor and onshore teams / Follow-up on
    Actions Lists progress / Monitoring of rig Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as per contracts.
    - On site engineering support to operations: Perform T-Desk simulations (torque and drags, ECD, trajectory
    analysis...) and follow-up with actual operational parameters / Propose synthesis with recommendations.
    - Health Safety Environment: Actively participate to rig safety system and safety meetings / Participate in
    enquiries and cause tree analysis.
    Panel of operations:
    - Drilling: top holes jetting - directional drilling - reservoir drilling - casings/liners settings and cement jobs ;
    - Completion: Intelligent completion - Stand-alone screens/Expandable sand screens - Packer setting -
    tubing hanger setting
    - Intervention: Slick line - Coil tubing - Wire line for fishing - plug setting - packer releasing ;
    - Subsea: X-Tree - EDP/LRP
  • Total - Ingénieur forage

    COURBEVOIE 2012 - 2012 (7 months) Training
    FRANCE - Pau - 5 months ``Drilling and Completion Engineering'' training module at IFP school (French Institute of
    Petroleum: geology, hydraulic, well architecture, drilling parameters, cement job, completion
    and subsea equipment...
    - Several TOTAL in-house trainings: ``Slips and tongs'' [ENSCO Pride], softwares (T-Desk & WellView),
    ``Becoming a Total supervisor'', ``Tubulars essential'' [VAM], ``Cause Tree Analysis'' [FARAL], ``Safety-
    environment management on site''.
  • TOTAL SIERRA LEONE Ltd. - Project Engineer

    2010 - 2011 (18 months) Refining & Marketing (now called Marketing & Services) business segment groups all of Total's marketing
    SIERRA LEONE - Freetown and supply activities for petroleum products and associated services in more than 150 countries: retail
    activities through service stations and general retail activities.

    Project Engineer within the Sierra Leonean affiliate of the group. Management of construction projects at the
    petroleum terminal, on the retail network and on mining sites:
    - Full technical studies of civil engineering, piping projects and boiler making
    - Drafting of invitation to tender and communication with contractors
    - Selection and daily management of contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers on site
    - Projects management : work sites preparation and organization, implementation of Hygiene Safety
    Environment and Quality (HSEQ) rules, acquisition of authorizations from local authorities, financial follow-
    up, delivery ;
    - Definition and management of budgets from up to 1 500 000$. ;
    - Main projects carried out, from studies to delivery:
    o Retention walls of a 5 tanks storage area of 10 000m3 of petroleum product / drainage network
    and hydrocarbon collection facilities
    o Fire Fighting Facilities of the whole depot area: building of a 2000m3 water tank, of a pump house
    of a max. flow rate of 1300m3/h, and of the piping network
    o Construction of the access road of the terminal, of a trucks parking lot of 1000m2 and of the
    drivers facilities
    o Global construction of two filling stations and partial rehabilitation of the network of 25 other
    - Silver Price, West Africa - Grand Prix VIE Afrique 2011: This price aims to reward young French professionals
    working in Africa for French companies and having shown outstanding professional qualities throughout their work.
  • VINCI Energies - CITEOS - Project manager assistant

    2009 - 2009 the fields of electricity network and public lighting:
    FRANCE - Vosges - Technical studies of lighting (stadiums, streets) and electrical installations (High Voltage)
    - Building of technical and commercial offers;
    - Construction sites management: preparation, organization, team leading, controls, delivery.
  • VINCI Construction Grands Projets - Dodin Campenon - Construction worker

    2008 - 2008 on the construction site of the Viaduct of the Grande Ravine, exceptional work of
    - Reunion Island engineering involved in the project of La Route des Tamarins (Tamarins' Road) : Work on a mobile crew (coffering,
    concreting, iron, pre-stressed concrete) ; Aid for works foreman: supervision of workers teams.



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