Jean-Francis AHANDA


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Mes compétences :


  • YooMee - Directeur Technique

    Douala 2014 - 2015
  • Camair-co - Directeur informatique par Interim

    2011 - 2012 Management :

    de l'équipe (entretien individuel, salaire, formations)
    des projets internes, suivi des équipes de prestataires
    : coordination, avancement, respect des délais, ...
    du budget IT
    des achats et du budget.
    de 12 sites reparti dans l'ensemble du Cameroun
    du site distant de Paris (France)
    du réseau comportant 300 machines, 20 serveurs d'exploitation virtualisés (Linux CentOS, Windows 2008 Serveur, Active Directory, Exchange Serveur 2007, virtualisation), bases de données SQL,PostrgesSQL.
    de l'architecture réseau composée de 32 switchs CISCO (Catalyst 3750, 2950) et de bornes Wi-Fi CISCO
    d'un SAN HP
    de la sécurité des communications intersites (vpn, ssl, firewalls)
    fournisseurs (négociation, commandes, délais, ...)
    élaboration d'un plan de reprise/continuité d'activité (PRA/PCA) pour l'ensemble des services.

    Service desk :

    gestion des incidents et des demandes de changement
    support utilisateurs locaux
    support des 25 utilisateurs en agences (Gabon, Tchad, Congo,.... ).
  • Camair-Co - Chef de projet Informatique

    2010 - 2014
  • Open Solutions Cameroun - Directeur

    2009 - 2009
  • Limbelabs - Directeur

    2009 - 2010
  • Communication Cellulaire D’Haïti SA (ComCEL) - Directeur Technique

    2008 - 2009 2G GSM/GPRS network : 1 Million Subscribers with 1 Comverse RTB ,2 SMSC ,1 VMS,3 MSC, 9 BSC ,287 BTS and 1 SGSN/GGSN from Nortel and Microwave from Harris-Stratex, Alvarion and Alcatel-lucent for Wimax
    •Interface with Capital projects management to facilitate smooth implementation of capital projects

    •Interface with Marketing to ensure that market changes and strategies are catered for and business objectives are aligned.

    •Ensure synchronisation of network design, configuration between all network elements

    •Develop strategies to effect all planned expansions and upgrades in priority order

    •Monitor and ensure effective implementation of all ad-hoc and special projects.

    •Ensure that the performance of core/IN is in line with the performance objectives

    •Play a leading role in management team to ensure that network technology is an effect enabler to meeting business objectives – especially in setting strategy and identifying business opportunities presented by new technologies.

    •Resolution of escalated operational issues.

    •Ensure all departmental project deliverables are on schedule.

    •Addressing overall business continuity and risk aspects in the network technology area
    •Manage financial resources within contractual boundaries.

    •Ensure optimization of resources – skilled staff and support systems.

    •Manage individuals ( 87 Staff) to perform at the highest level, especially in terms of meeting target deadlines.

    •Set objectives for each of the functional teams in the division and monitor performance
    •Identify training needs and motivate specific trainings for individual staff development to develop diversity and skills in the network group

    •Contract negotiation with contractors, and equipment vendors.
  • Ericsson - Customer Project Manager

    MASSY 2006 - 2008 • Produce plans and budgets for the overall project deliverable

    • Liaise with Line Manager/Resource Owners over use of resources on the programme and obtain resource commitments

    • Track/Review progress against plan

    • Track/Review expenditure against budgets

    • Ensure that deliverables are reviewed against specific requirements

    • Manage Project risks, Manage Project issues

    • Resolve issues that work package owners cannot resolve

    • Manage & Approve Change Requests

    • Identify issues and risks to the completion of the Project and make recommendations for resolution, actioning the recommendation where appropriate

    • Communication to overall Project team and key stakeholders on time, cost and quality

    • Manage the overall project team which will encompass engineers and other members of the programme office to ensure customer requirements are delivered.
  • Digicel Haiti - Core network & Vas Manager

    Ducos 2005 - 2006 • Design an choose of solution for the different expansions phase of the network

    • Assigns, directs and checks the work of personal responsible for testing and implementations of the nodes.

    • Manage the implementation of Ericsson core/vas equipments

    • Manage the implementation and interworking of Alcatel sofswtich Atrium Release R3.1 with the Ericsson Nodes
  • Orange group - Ericsson Packet core skill center project manager

    Paris 2005 - 2005 • Defines France Telecom and Orange Group needs for Ericsson Packet core evolutions ( Dual node 3G/2G SGSN, introduction of Charging function on GGSN,IMS)

    • Makes recommendation for choice of new Ericsson Packet core release or product at the group level

    • Assists purchasers for commercial framework agreement negotiation

    • Assigns, directs and checks the work of personal responsible for testing and experimenting the releases and products for France Telecom and Orange group

    • Provides technical support to the MCO (Senegal, Romania, Dominicana, Jordan…)

    • Lab Validation and field experimentation of Ericsson Packet core

    • Packet core evolutions Studies
  • Strathom - Core network Engineer at Alcatel France

    2003 - 2005 • Perform installation, integration, acceptance testing, and ongoing modification and configuration changes to NSS Equipments

    • Develop installation documentation, pre-installation reports, customer specific statements of work, installation schedules and acceptance test documents and installation reports
    • Perform support for O&M of Alcatel Switch ,GPRS Core and UMTS CS
    • Technical Assistance : On site support and Training on job of customers
  • Orange Cameroon - Core network & roaming expert

    Paris 2003 - 2003 •Supervision and maintenance Alcatel core network equipments (SSP,RCP,HLR,SMSC,GVM,PABX)
    • Perform core network architecture design

    • Support for Feature and new architecture Implementation: Analysis. Data/Parameters

    • Support for New SW Release Consultancy: new Features, new Parameters.

    • Installing / upgrading Core network equipments ( implemtation of USSD features ,adding of one voice mail server )

    • Completing work orders for adds, moves and changes
    • Participation in On-Site Support and Participate in 7 X 24 on-call rotation
    • Develop service documentation and procedures
    • Coordination with roaming Partners, third party for resolve interworking issue
    • Monitor traffic flows and routing ,coordinate routing changes with Translations
    • Perform analysis on traffic variances to identify anomalies
  • Orange France - Core network engineer

    2002 - 2002 • Completing work orders for adds, moves and changes
    • Participation in On-Site Support and Participate in 7 X 24 on-call rotation
    • Develop service documentation and procedures

    • Support for New SW Release Consultancy: new Features, new Parameters and interconnect with Ericsson AXE 10 Switch

    • Supervision and maintenance core network equipments ( Alcatel )

    • Software Upgrade of Alcatel RCP and IWF-SMS to M5MG

    • Migration of CDR from the Network Element to the Alcatel A1338 CDR Collector
  • UPC France - Support technique

    2000 - 2002


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