Jean-François RICOULEAU


En résumé

A broad experience in animal health AND nutrition, in different roles as technical manager, marketing manager, business developer, area manager, worldwide.

Some qualities I would mention: my entrepreneurial skills, my results orientation and my open mindness.

Strong business orientation & entrepreneurial skills; persuasiveness; international, integrated and large experience in the animal health field; rapid adaptation; excellent interpersonal skills; knowledge of mature and emerging markets; knowledge of players; legitimacy; continual business developer; autonomy; strongly self motivated.

Audaces fortuna juvat !

Mes compétences :


  • Nutreco - Veterinary / Area manager for Africa for Trouw Nutrition Hifeed

    Amersfoort 2011 - 2012 Business segment: feed for food producing animals and in particular poultry.
    Mission: to develop business & networks in African countries along with local developments in breeding food producing animals.

  • Vetoquinol - Group business development manager

    Lure cedex 2007 - 2011 Territory: world. Animal species: all. Missions: to identify needs of the group, to look for products to enlarge portfolios, to imagine and develop collaborations with partners (cost sharing, quid pro quo), to negotiate and conclude deals (from “simple” distribution to deals making involved up fronts and fees payments), to internally take care of the dossiers, to be the driver of transversal actions and the negotiation leader and potentially the alliance manager after the deal is signed.

    Surolan, Cefaseptin P, Horsipac, Zylkène, Vermax D, Amoxival perlium premix, Pracetam, Kefloril, Reprocine, Clindaseptin were some of the products I had the chance to work on.
  • Virbac - Business partner / International marketing

    Carros 2006 - 2007 Territory:non European regions*. Animal species: food producing animals.Turnover: 100 millions euros. Missions: to develop synergies between teams, to share experience in cross cultural conditions, to provide local teams with a marketing and technical training, to organize international tours with key opinion leaders, to be an advisor of the R&D local centers for the new products entering the pipe, their priority ranking and their extension to other regions.
    (*): Main affiliates: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia, New Zeland, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, India.

  • Virbac - Products manager / Export Business Unit

    Carros 2004 - 2006 Territory: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, North African countries. Animal species: food producing animals.Turnover: 25 millions euros.Missions: to support local distributors, to develop local sales to reach a certain critical level up to create affiliates.

  • Virbac - Technical manager

    Carros 2001 - 2004 Territory: France. Animal species: food producing animals. Missions: technical support to the marketing and sales team, internal and external trainings, farms visits, management of litigations, creation of Virbac Assistance food producing animals.

  • Cliniques vétérinaires - Veterinary practitioner

    Paris 1998 - 2001 Veterinary practitioner in food producing animals (cattle, swine, poultry, rabbits).



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