Jean Mathieu STEVENS


En résumé

After severals years working in a consultancy firm, I have made the decision to join PSA Bank in order to achieve a strong professional will : working on business development within an international environment. During my professional career, I have been working on the development of PSA in different countries, such as Poland and Turkey, and I also had a very interesting experience as LEAN manager, that strengthen my education in management. I was strongly involved in the transformation of PSA Bank, with this new challenge of cooperation with Santander Consumer Finance. Since the begining of the year, I am in charge of Quality and Excellence Management for the bank.

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
chef de projet


  • PSA Banque - Quality and Excellence Manager

    gennevilliers 2016 - maintenant Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the quality of its services and therefore by contributing to growth and profitability targets of the Brands and of PSA Banque
  • PSA Banque - Project Officer

    gennevilliers 2014 - 2016 Working on merger with Santander Consumer Finance
    - Create with Santander Consumer Finance, 12 Joint-ventures, from the top 12 subsidiaries of PSA Bank (22 Billions)
    - In charge of all operational workstreams (Marketing, Sales, Risk, Operations, Collections & Insurance) : Ensure that for every single country, this workstreams operate from the first day as planed
  • PSA Banque - Project & Operations Director

    gennevilliers 2013 - 2014 Implementing and managing Retail operations of the bank in Turkey
    - Management of admission, clients services and collections teams
    - Creating all new operational processes, in line with PSA bank best practices and Turkish banking regulation
    - Starting all this processes for the new created bank
  • PSA Banque - Project Director

    gennevilliers 2011 - 2013 In charge of a project to create in Turkey, a bank to give to PSA brands (Peugeot, Citroën & DS) the capacity to provide financial solutions to their dealers and clients as well as services (Car or financial insurance, maintenance ...)
    - Recruit all the teams
    - Specify & develop all IT systems to operate the bank with strong time and cost constraints
    - Animate all the project team
    - Insure all legal & compliance aspects of the project to make the bank operate
    - Develop external partnerships with services providers to extend the product range
  • PSA Banque - LEAN Manager

    gennevilliers 2009 - 2011 Implementation of LEAN Management within PSA Bank :
    - Training of top management worldwide,
    - Projects on continuous improvement, lead time, management control
    - Create and animate Management rooms (Obeya)
    - Training and support to operational teams on LEAN tools (A3, PDCA, visual management, 5S ...)
    - Implementation of autonomous teams
  • PSA Banque - Chef de projet

    gennevilliers 2006 - 2009 Déploiement de l'activité bancaire en nom propre pour Banque Peugeot Finance en Pologne.
  • PSA Banque - Organisation bancaire

    gennevilliers 2004 - 2006 Chef de projet bancaire :
    déploiement des activités de financement automobile sur les pays de l'Europe de l'Est.
  • Aedian - Consultant MOA

    PARIS 1999 - 2004 Missions d’organisation et assistance MOA :

    Pour BNP PARIBAS, BFI Organisation back office FOREX Money Market (Londres, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore et Sydney). Mission de 15 mois.
    Pour MANPOWER France : Responsable fonctionnel de la bascule €uro des systèmes d’informations de Manpower. Mission de 6 mois.

    Missions d’encadrement et de pilotage :

    Pour AGF Outremer : Pilotage de la validation d'un progiciel (équipe de 4 consultants) Mission de 4 mois.
    Pour MANPOWER France : Encadrement de la bascule fonctionnelle pour l’€ (équipe de 35 personnes)

    Missions de réalisation :

    Pour CONCEPT AGRESSO (éditeur de progiciels de trésorerie) : spécifications fonctionnelles d’un Logiciel de trésorerie (e-cash). Mission de 16 mois
    Pour SOCAPI (assurance vie du groupe CIC) Plan de tests et coordination utilisateurs sur un système de gestion épargne et prévoyance Assurance Vie. Mission de 4 mois
    Pour MANPOWER France : Plan de tests. Mission de 4 mois



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