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  • Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd - Directeur de succursale France

    Beijing 2016 - maintenant
  • Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd - Head of Representative Office

    Beijing 2014 - 2016 Création et management du bureau de représentation
  • Feitian Technologies Co.,Ltd - Business Development Manager (France, Africa)

    Beijing 2012 - 2014 Founded in 1998, Feitian is a market leader and one of the world's leading supplier of strong authentication solutions, software protection and applications based on smart card technology. Feitian provides annually 20 million tokens for the only Chinese market. Feitian has over 600 employees, more than half in the R&D area. Feitian has over 500 patents registered in China and abroad. 2011 revenue generated over $80 million USD.
    My skills as Business Development Manager at Feitian:
    - Perfect understanding of Public Key Infrastructure, One-Time Password tokens, Rockeys, Smart Cards and Readers.
    - Accounts Management
    - Accounts Development
    - Technical Acknowledgement
    - Multi-cultural environment
  • SOCAPS - Asian Zone Manager

    Rouen 2011 - 2012 SOCAPS that stands for "Society Of Craftsmen Applying Professional Standards", is a cooperative that provides industrial customers (machinery builders, wholesalers, or end-users) in several industries including printing, packaging, agri-food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, with technical support (electricians, mechanics, engineers, etc…) for building, installing, and maintaining equipment and machines worldwide.

    Missions in this company:
    - Key account management with customers in China and whole Asian zone
    Business meetings with top managers
    - In charge of Business Development
    Target selection, setting meetings and negotiation process
    - In charge of recruiting new technicians for new and existing customers
    Resume screening and selection process
    - In charge of leading networking actions: participation to industrial tradeshows such as Bangkok, Shanghai and Beijing
    - Dealing with Packaging, Agri-food, Automotive industries mainly
  • Huashida Steel Materials Co., LTD Shanghai - International Business Developer

    2010 - 2010 - Creation of the international services
    - Designing an introduction media system for the international market
    - Mastered steel technical characteristics
    - Assisted in logistics and transportation department, freight and prices
    - New business idea proposals, viability studies
    - Company 100% Chinese, the only one foreigner, experienced Chinese language and culture
  • Grocery Retail Store CocciMarket - Manager de facto

    2005 - 2008 - Managed two employees
    - Customer service
    - Suppliers’ rate negotiation
    - Margin control
    - Accountancy tasks
    - Marketing of the retail outlet



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