Julien PAPIN


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Biologie cellulaire
Physiologie animale
Organisation du travail
Biologie moléculaire


  • Animagene - Responsable Scientifique

    2017 - maintenant
  • King's College London - Associe de recherche - Post-Doc

    2015 - 2017
  • Pôle Emploi - Recherche d'emploi

    Paris 2014 - 2015
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles - Post-Doc

    Bruxelles 2011 - 2014 Supervisor: Pr André HERCHUELZ
    Place: Laboratoire de Pharmacodynamie et Thérapeutique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, BELGIUM
    Tasks and schemes: Pancreatic β-cell regeneration by modulation of β-cell Ca homeostasis
    Funding: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) granted project
    This work implicated:
    - The characterization of β-cell functions in transgenic mouse models by in vivo (Glucose and insulin
    tolerance tests, etc.) and in vitro approaches (immunohistochemistry, pharmacologic treatments, etc.)
    - Genomic and proteomic studies on primary β-cells and β-cell lines (BRIN-BD11, INS-1E) by RNA and
    microRNA microarrays (collaboration with Dr ZUMMO), RT-qPCR, immunoblots, immunocytochemistry
    - Proliferation/apoptosis assays by immunofluorescence and TUNEL
    - Activation of signaling pathways detection with luciferase reporter genes assays
    - Development of a rapid screening method to study the effects of drugs on calcium flux in clonal β-cells using a micro-plate reader
  • Université de Bordeaux - ASSISTANT LECTURER

    Bordeaux 2009 - 2010 Supervisors: Pr Jochen LANG (research) and Pr Jean-Pierre RENAUDIN (teachings)
    Place: UMR5248 CNRS, CBMN, Universités de Bordeaux, FRANCE
    Tasks and schemes:
    - Research: Role of the Adenylyl Cyclase 8 (ADCY8) in the protection of β-cells against glucolipotoxicity
    - Teachings: Animal physiology, biochemistry and cellular biology
    Funding: Universités de Bordeaux
    This work implicated:
    - Function and viability studies on clonal β-cells after different treatments using static incubation, Propidium Iodid/Hoechst staining and flow cytometry
    - Two hundred hours of teachings for undergraduate and graduate students in
    * Animal physiology (practical works, investigation of the principal physiological functions in dissected anesthetized rats),
    * Cellular biology (practical works and tutorials, investigation of the cellular machinery),
    * Biochemistry (practical works and tutorials, investigation of basic methods for protein studies)
  • CNRS - Stage

    Paris 2006 - 2006 Characterization of the Synaptotagmin 11 in an insulino-secretory cell line
    Laboratory DMPFCS (JE2390). Supervisor: Dr LAGREE, Pr LANG group
  • Inserm - Stage

    PARIS 13 2005 - 2005 Role of the dopamine in the induction of apoptosis in female rat pituitary cells
    INSERM E347. Supervisor: Dr BRESSON-BEPOLDIN, Pr ICHAS group
  • Sanofi - Stage

    Paris 2000 - 2000 SANOFI-AVENTIS Ambarès-et-Lagrave, Microbiology. Supervisor: Mr SCIAMAMA