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Kae Amo currently serves as a Research Coordinator for the France-Japan Foundation (FFJ) at the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris. Her main duties are to manage and implement the New territorialities between Asia and Africa (2015-2018) research program with the organization of a series of conferences, seminars and round- table discussions in France, Japan and African countries (Ghana, Senegal). In this capacity, she is the primary point of contact for the different stakeholders involved in the project; be they academics, business leaders, government officials, media members, and civil society representatives.
She is also responsible for the creation and development of partnerships between the FFJ and various academic institutions (PSL Research University, University of Kyoto, University of Saint-Louis in Senegal), as well as French and Japanese companies (Bolloré, Michelin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Toyota Tsusho).
A PhD candidate in anthropology at EHESS, Ms. Amo holds three Master’s degrees in political science (Keio University, Japan, 2010), anthropology (EHESS, France, 2009), and sociology (UCAD, Senegal, 2007). She has conducted more than a dozen field trip studies and reports on Islam in sub-Saharan Africa, and published several articles and research papers for specific projects in French and Japanese such as Priverel (2013- 2016), Publislam (2009-2012), and « Islam and Global Governance » (2007-2009, Keio University, Japan). Her current areas of research focus on urban youth, mobility, social infrastructure and transportation in West Africa.
Born in Yokohama, Japan, Kae Amo speaks French, English and Wolof (Senegal’s main language).

Mes compétences :
Afrique subsaharienne


  • Fondation France-Japon de l'EHESS - Chargée de recherche

    2013 - maintenant
  • EHESS CEAf publislam - Anthropologue, doctorante

    2010 - maintenant



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