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Logistics and supply chain manager then operations manager with experience of successfully coordinating the activities of various departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, and distribution of products & services. Comfortable working with people of all levels and having a excellent commercial approach to solving problems and developing business processes. Having proven people management skills, with the ability to manage performance and motivate staff on an individual and team level.
Now looking for a new and challenging managerial or consultancy position, one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my personal and professional development.

Mes compétences :
Analyse de données
Lean supply chain
Organisation du travail
Transport international
Data warehousing


  • Jalta BOAT (l'Art Nautique) - Operation Manager

    Sousse 2015 - 2015 - Identify and assess internal and external issues that impact on the company
    - Setting and achieving operational goals.
    - Taking full responsibility for the day to day running of all operational areas.
    - Working closely with finance department
    - Working on site to deliver continuous efficiencies and cost savings.
    - Establish an operational plan incorporating the goals and objectives that support the achievement of the strategic direction of the organization
    - Drawing a new organization chart.
    - Defining human resource requirements, setting and supervising the training and integration plan.
    - Establishing a positive work environment, healthy and safe in compliance with laws and relevant regulation.
    - Driving best practice standards and processes across the business.
    - Supervising the quality provided to the customer
    - Supervising the daily operations of the organization to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness
    - Supervising the implementation of the ISO 9001 project
    - Incresed productivity by 40 %.
    - Prospecting and developping new markets : Algeria, morocco
    - Providing evidence and reports of KPIs to senior managers on a weekly basis
  • Jalta BOAT (l'Art Nautique) - Supply Chain Manager

    Sousse 2014 - 2014 - Setting up an information flow management system.
    - Restructuring supply chain.
    - Risk Management & Contingency plans
    - Negotiating contracts to reduce costs and achieve maximum efficiency.
    - Working closely with suppliers and customers to improve operations and reduce cost
    - Local sourcing and Audit the supplier
    - Obtaining quotes for transportation and also making cost comparisons
    - Accurately calculating total supply chain costs in relation to proposed new projects
    - Communicating needs & objectives to managers & key personnel in procurement, logistics & distribution.
  • Zodiac marine - Responsable logistique

    2008 - 2014 - Managing implementation customs procedure and accreditation
    - Managing clearance for import and export flows
    - Layout Implementation and organization of raw materials and salable products warehouses.
    - Identify effective and efficient solutions for internal physical flows
    - Management and monitoring of MPS : planning and scheduling
    - Monotoring the backlogs
    - Analysing the evolution of s & op and the impact of changes in the business plan on production plan and material requirements plan.
    - Supervising the management of supply flows and monitoring the stock value.
    - Maintain service rates > 97%
    - Piloting the packaging optimization project.
    - WM Warehouse Management
    - Supervising inventories
    - Management Flow transportation: negotiation of transport input and output for better efficience.
    - Reduce logistics costs by 20% by changing packaging méthodes and transport negociation.
    - Tracking of exportation flows and trace the rate of quality service.
    - Participating in decisions about the development of society and socio-economic climate as a Member of the Executive Committee.
    - Reporting income statement, drift and business turnover.
    - Setting up dashboard and monitoring of performance indicators.
    - Following the migration of the system and analyze the reliability of the various management modules as Key user for l'ERP.
  • Sté SARTEX - Coordinateur flux importations

    2006 - 2008 - Optimization of import transportation flows.
    - Negotiating of transportation offers and selection of the appropriate methods.
    - Following import Clearance Procedure and archiving files.
    - Guarantee delivery dates to Supply Service
    - Anticipate to provide to the warehouse the details of planned deliveries.



    Paris 2012 - 2012 Basics supply chain

    certification internationale APICS « Basics supply chain » à Paris au sein de la boite MCGM.
  • Université De Sousse ISTLS (Sousse)

    Sousse 2002 - 2006 Gestion du transport et de la logistique


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