Laetitia HAMON


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Changement climatique
Développement durable
Finance carbone
Gouvernance d'entreprise
Investissement Socialement Responsable
Responsabilité sociale d'entreprise
Responsable développement
Tourisme durable


  • Reuters - Research Analyst

    PARIS maintenant
  • Innovest Strategic Value Advisors - CSR analyst

    2007 - maintenant Innovest Strategic Value Advisors – Extra Financial Rating Agency - London, UK

    Position: Research analyst - Objective: To provide investors with extra financial information to help them construct and manage portfolios that out-perform the market

    - Analyzed the companies regarding Environmental, Social and Governance issues;
    - Determined the companies’ areas of potential risks, competitive advantage and Strategic profit opportunities regarding the ESG issues;
    - Written diagnostic and enhanced companies’ profile for the asset managers;
    - Provided general CSR information on the Banking sector and the Forest and Paper Industry.
  • Novethic (filiale de la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations) - Stagiaire Chargée d'étude Responsabilité Sociale de l'Entreprise

    2006 - 2006 DPosition: Researcher, intern- Objective: To analyse the way companies report on their Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development strategies

    - Compiled information regarding the corruption and bribery’ regulation framework;
    - Created a matrix and defined criterion to rate and rank the companies on this issue;
    - Analyzed the companies’disclosure on corruption;
    - Written a report comprising: Interviews of key people; Synthesis of results; Analysis of the 10 best reporting; Sector analysis; Benchmark of the best practices; regulatory framework;
    - Worked in Partnership with the Ministry of Justice (SCPC) to write the report;
    - Organized the conference “Transparency of the French Multinational in terms of corruption” (Panelists: BNP Paribas, Total, Vigéo, Publish What You Pay, Ftse4Good).



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