En résumé

Having more than 11 years experience on télécommunication network with good experience in various fields:

• Managing wireless broadband & xDSL operations acces network.
• Network Operation and maintenance & managed services.
• Core network opérations and maintenance.
• BSS/Access network fault management + performance management
• TXN/Transport network fault monitoring management including optical Fiber and microwave
• Maintenance activities like CM,PM
• Attend management meetings related to NOC activities, Incident Meeting, Post Mortem Meeting.
• Work Orders change request management.
• Management Reports Handling.
• Trouble ticket handling & closure.
• Sustain the defined KPIs.
• Managing of daily/weekly and monthly schedules.
• Assist management in network crisis recovery and emergency handling to enforce strict SLAs.
• Coordination with customer services department for the customer complaints handling
• Looking after Corrective and preventive maintenance, Network Trouble Tickets Mean Time To
Repair 'MTTR' (including TTs closure percentage)
• Analysis of Network OMT (Outage mean time )
• Power issues and other Environmental issues management
• Yearly and Monthly performance analysis.
• Preparing presentation for contract discussions in Senior Management Meeting
• Preparing service level agreements SLA and organizational level agreements OLA defining all the
terms and conditions of the scope of work

Key personal skills:

• Project Management
• Custmers orientation.
• Ressources Management
• Leadership and Management skills.
• Skills development
• Work process improvment.
• Budget Review (Capex & Opex)
• Sense of initiative
• Schedule management

Mes compétences :
Team management
Certification ITIL
Fault management
Gestion des process
Crisis Management


  • Inwi - Services & Security opérations manager

    Casablanca 2016 - maintenant As an expert in the management of operational activities , I agreed to take on the new challenge of transforming the NOC department of the company from a structure based on the basic monitoring of alarms, network nodes management, The manual follow-up of issues and network problems toward a new structure much more oriented on the services monitoring, security supervision and the meticulous follow-up of the customer experience.

    It's an innovative approach enabling us to monitor end-to-end services and take timely remedy actions based on service impact and customer experience
  • Inwi - Wireless & xDSL Access operations Manager

    Casablanca 2014 - 2016 Never stop learning and improving my field of knowledge, Open for changes and hard work in a team and in a dynamic environment, Can work under stress and pressure on move, Willing and Fast to learn new things, good Analytical Skill and want to acquire new personal and professional experience in everything.

    - Validate new solutions and control their deployment at the production networks

    - Supervise and control the implementation of safety rules (safety platforms) to ensure the safety
    of the operator's network.

    - Validate and control the access rights to facilities for all users on site or remotely, Inwi or supplier.

    - Ensure regular monitoring of équpements and platform.

    - Ensure the conduct of regular frequency control plans, check the key parameters,

    - Eensure the 24/24 access network availability.

    - Organize and supervise the department activities, prioritize actions,manage escalations.

    - Control and monitor the progress of projects / operations and KPIs

    - Improving existing processes. propose and validate all transverses process updates.

    - Controling and improving Acces netwok SLA.
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  • Inwi - Control & monitoring Manager

    Casablanca 2010 - 2014
  • Inwi - NOC Team Leader

    Casablanca 2007 - 2010
  • Inwi - NOC Engineer

    Casablanca 2006 - 2007


  • EHTP (Casablanca)

    Casablanca 2011 - 2012