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Mes compétences :
Penetration test
Gestion du risque
Sécurité informatique
Gestion de projet
Commerce international
Relations internationales
Analyse de risque


  • Yinkozi, Ltd - Gérant

    2014 - maintenant Yinkozi consults with companies needing to improve the security and reliability of their information infrastructure, product or investment target , including applications, systems, hardware, networks and take all the appropriate steps to identify and protect them from threats and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information electronically stored, processed or transmitted. We work with vendors and enterprises to pinpoint and eradicate security flaws, using penetration testing, reverse engineering, and source code review.

    Enterprises have worked with the consultants of Yinkozi to:
    - Verify the security of third-party products before deploying them on sensitive networks.
    - Assess in-house applications and assist development teams in remediation and proactively avoiding security flaws.
    - Understanding the security implications of complex technologies such as middleware, mobile applications, and large scale infrastructure.
  • IOActive, Ltd - Penetration Test Team Leader

    2012 - 2014 Overseeing growth of IOActive South Africa Practice increasing revenue from 0 to a leading position in less than six months.

    Managed and executed application/infrastructure/mobile penetration testing and security code reviews for a global retail bank. Resourcing of technical consultants to undertake mobile code review, functional and penetration testing services. Create specific methodologies in mobile application testing (IOS, Android and Blackberry), Web Application Testing and large scale infrastructure review.

    Performed more than six months full-time penetration testing of Mobile Applications in a highly secure environment.
  • Bull - Consultant En Sécurité Informatique

    Les Clayes-sous-Bois 2008 - 2012
  • BULL SAS - Consultant en sécurité informatique - Pentester

    SCHILTIGHEIM 2008 - 2012 Co-créateur de l'offre Audit Sécurité technique au sein de BULL

    Prestations :
    • Tests d'intrusion (Matériel embarqué, Audit interne, extrusion, phishing, ...)
    • Audit de vulnérabilités (externe, interne, applications métier, configuration, architecture, ....)
    • Revue de code (spécialité J2EE),
    • Analyse après incident,
    • Réponse à l'incident (plan de gestion de crise, transfert de compétence),
    • Analyse de risque ,
    • Sensibilisation des développeurs à la programmation sécurisée,
    • Modélisation des menaces.



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