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  • Valeo VCC THE

    Paris maintenant

    Paris maintenant
  • Valeo Zebrak - -30 Plan Manager - Productivity

    Paris 2017 - maintenant P-30 is the productivity engine, to increase the value-added content of products and services.
    Improving the productivity is a key source of competitive advantage that creates long term economic viability and growth.
    Improved productivity is the result of the cost reduction activities for all products, processes and site departments. Those activities regard machines efficiency, direct labor and material consumption, transport and warehousing costs, overhead expenses.
    The plan -30 encompasses all the cost reduction activities. It is managed at site/plant level and addresses in a dynamic way roadblocks, priorities, resources in order to reach the cost reduction targets.
    The plan -30 committee is the key tool used by the plant management to improve productivity on a steady basis.
    All sources of productivity must be addressed in a formal way (for instance: Material Steering Committee, VPS committee, dedicated Task Force).
    Machine productivity is addressed through cycle time reduction, flow optimization, SMED workshops, P0.
    Man Direct Labor productivity is addressed by Hoshin, MUDA hunting, rationalization workshops.
    Material productivity is addressed by technical productivity, make or buy, resourcing plans.
    Logistics productivity is addressed by transportation and warehousing optimization, rationalization or elimination workshops.
    Overhead productivity is addessed by energy, consumables and expenses optimization, rationalization or elimination.
  • Valeo - Responsable Projets Site

    Paris 2015 - maintenant
  • VALEO - France - P2 Project Manager

    Paris 2011 - 2015 -Future generation products development.
    -Reponsible for target costing.
    -Planning & budget management : responsible of the reporting to the steering committee.
    -Management of the project team : process, R&D, purchasing, quality.
    => ACAC / WCAC.
  • VALEO - Zebrak - Czech Republic - P1 Project Manager

    Paris 2008 - 2011 -Planning & budget management : responsible of the reporting to the steering committee.
    -Management of project teams (Czech Republic, France, Thailand) : industrialization, R&D, purchasing, quality.
    -Customer/supplier relationship: responsible of quotations, commercial offers, projects follow-up.
    => Heat exchangers heating radiators and evapoators.
    => Projects BMW and Daimler.
  • VALEO - La Suze sur Sarthe - France - P1 Product Engineer

    Paris 2003 - 2008 In charge of the technical development of Heat Exchangers.